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I heard that some motorcycle cylinders are made or coated with something ( Nickel maybe) I can’t remember what. To the point, it can not be honed normally. Would my cylinders have this stuff on them, or be made of it? Bike in question CB450 K5. On a side note, can anyone help me find standard rings for the CB450 pistons? :confused:
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Nickasil is probably what you're thinking of but it's silica (glass) not Nickel and it wouldn't be on a CB450 as Dr. Seruzawa pointed out. I believe the first known use was in his Oxygen Destroying Bomb but he keeps pretty quiet about that, After decimating the fish population in Tokyo Bay he's probably feeling pretty bad not to mention the legal and moral implications he's had to deal with all these years. Of course the record breaking crab harvest has mitigated his guilt somewhat and basically cornered the market on Crabby Patties
Sure, just ask Seruzawa how he got that knot on his head......
Maybe we should have a "Welcome Aboard" section like a lot of websites do...pop and cookies, some ice cream and donuts... a little sit down and tell us about yourselves son......

You could be the host Seru......
I thought I was gonna be the host!!! :)
Either way......
You've got my vote. And to go with your new job, here's the perfect ride for you:
Uh.....whose budget is that coming out of?????
I have this sudden urge to "Go to the Window, Go to the WINDOW, Go to the Window, Go to the window................"

Then paint you both Red, and Kill you.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
You should never run more than .288 lift and 38* duration for the intake and .332. lift and 48* duration for the exhaust on that engine with the stock pistons and lifters, with duration being the key. it's an interference engine so anything longer than that and the valves will hit the pistons at TDC
If you guys are so obsessed with that nitwit I can email him at work and invite him back.........
1 - 8 of 41 Posts
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