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I heard that some motorcycle cylinders are made or coated with something ( Nickel maybe) I can’t remember what. To the point, it can not be honed normally. Would my cylinders have this stuff on them, or be made of it? Bike in question CB450 K5. On a side note, can anyone help me find standard rings for the CB450 pistons? :confused:
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I thought I was gonna be the host!!! :)
You've got my vote. And to go with your new job, here's the perfect ride for you:


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Damm those filthy Floridians and their filthy chaddy ways.
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Your manual is wrong. I did that job last week and the lift for the exhaust is .935. The lift for the intake is .931.
No it isn't. It's 42.
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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