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I heard that some motorcycle cylinders are made or coated with something ( Nickel maybe) I can’t remember what. To the point, it can not be honed normally. Would my cylinders have this stuff on them, or be made of it? Bike in question CB450 K5. On a side note, can anyone help me find standard rings for the CB450 pistons? :confused:
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Some bikes have plated cylinders but the CB450 does not.

As for rings check the dealer and accessory shops, internet searches, etc. I'm sure you can accomplish that yourself. That's what the rest of us do.
Do you really think I didn't check with the dealer, and or the accessory shops? $61 for three rings is a bit much. As for what the rest of you do well.... (put choice words here). The info on the cylinders was helpful though from "sarnali2".
I didn't fall anywhere

I was just busy working on stuff. I came here to get ideas not argue, so bla bla bla. I did find the rings guys for $21.95 for both pistons. check out the site "" they have some good stuff. Gonna post a new thread. Need a cam measure.

I was checking the cam last night, and I don't know if my manual is correct on the values it gave. Would anybody know the values of the cam lift for the exhaust and intake. They should be the same value according to the book I bought. And yes I could find the values if I looked hard enough, but I thought somebody might know off hand. My manual gave 0.899". Thanks
CB450 k5

I think the correct one is 0.935" and 0.931". I'll have to check it tonight.
out of it

How far out of range would a cam have to be, to cause problems? Say around 0.017"

It would be in the low direction. It is also on the exhaust.
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