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Dainese Active Restraint Reader Feedback

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Just to make things clear: I love motorcycle riding, but I am also an emergency doctor working helicopter and ground based, and I have seen more motorcycle accidents than you can imagine. So here is my comment:

A: Yes, it probably will do for our body what a helmet does for our brain

B: Are the new wide tyres and silica, better brakes or ABS systems technological overkill?

No, this is just one way to saver riding

C: Absolutely right! Just think of one thing: you are only really cool when you are dead!
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Get the price down and get the hookup in all the bikes it might be great.But since newbies are the most saftey conscious if they don't hook up the starter bikes they'll lose alot of sales.They will have to figure out how to make it comfortable in 90 degree heat
I'm too cool NOT to wear a helmet to protect my pretty face. Likewise for all the other luscious body parts I treasure so much--like the ones that allow me to ride a motorcycle. I'm talking about my head, back, arms, and legs, not to mention those necessary internal organs that keep the old arms and legs going so I can continue to ride. So yes, I'll be first in line to get my full body Dianese suit that hopefully will never need to inflate and ruin my ultra-cool image. Of course, skilled riding techniques are far more effective at preventing and avoiding accidents than relying on protective gear. But in the event that some dork on a cell-phone in his SUV forgets that he's not the only driver on the planet, I'll be ready for him.
Does anyone know the email address for Dainese. I'd like to prompt them to also make the outer and under surfaces of the arms inflatable. Something like this could have reduced the extent of the compound fracture I received just above my right elbow if not prevent it altogether when a pothole through me off my VFR in November last year.

The same ideas apply to the legs - outer and upper

surfaces with out preventing(too much) the hips from flexing.
I can't believe that Mr. Schevtz has actually led so many so called intelligent readers into believing the true use of this protective vest.Let Me let You have a clue, it was brought out in Israel of all places.Given up? It won't give complete protection but the new Dainese protective vest promises that once You are hit by the first rock in the chest area it will immediatly inflate to help soften the blows of on-coming rocks thrown by arab kids.Good idea for that region of the world.I had a bike riding friend in Jordan who was hit in the face when his visor was up .Would not have helped him in that situation but I am sure if he is still riding, he would buy one.Let your congressman know that the U.S. should not help the people of Israel buy these vests until they buy bullet-proof vests for the arab kids.
Sheep? Hardly. There are those of us who truley enjoy the sport and lifestyle and those of us who think it's just cool to have a bike. Those of us that truley enjoy the sport of motorcycling generally have a good idea and many of us have witnessed first hand the effects of riding unequipted. The real differance? We want to live. THIS does not make us sheep. This makes us one step ahead of you in the event of an accident. Ever gone down? If not yet, it WILL happen. Ride long enough and it's gonna happen. You seem to be the type that bought a bike because you think chicks dig it. See if they dig it when your dead. Don't be silly, live to see another day. Poney up the cash and get a good helmet. It's worth your life.

Some of you people must be joking. Gov. this and Gov. that.... Gimme a break. This is the LAND OF THE FREE baby!! Bunch of whinning, unpatriotic lunitics!! You don't like the way the system works? MOVE!!! You'll be begging for a helmet in Sadams ranks. Of course, we'll be shelling your ass at that exact point in time. I agree that the Gov. should not have the right to tell you that you MUST wear this vest if it is produced. But your a real ASS if you can afford it and it proves to be a safer way ride and you don't do it. Know why they passed the helmet law? Because there are lots and lots of dumb asses every year that die without one. Yeah, it's your choice not to and die. But it was your choice to stand up and vote on it too. In my own humble oppinion, the helmet law was enacted to protect the stupid. Much like the laws enacted to protect children. Here in Texas you can get a permit to ride with out one. What you basically do is sign off that you're a lunitic that wants to die and leave your family behind to try to pick up the pieces and you're free to go right out and try it. But don't appose it for those of us that DO want to live. Get off your whinning asses and get in the game. IT'S NOT ALL A CONSPIRACY!! Sign me up for the thing as soon as it proves functional. I want to live. Before you go screaming newbie, I've been riding for over 15 years and don't see the problem with riding another 15. Safety is good. Seeing my wife and kids is good. I intend to keep on doing that. My God people, it's not a sin to improve upon technology and help us to live another day. The day the thing saves your life, you'll change your tune. My hat goes off to Dainese. You make it work, I'll stand in line to buy it. Who gives a **** about being cool. I ride because it's in the blood, not because it's cool.

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Gov't to motorcyclists: Ve have vays to make you safe...

Haaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah-a-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!! Ve have vays to make you safe..... ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! That's funny. Like some kinda crazy episode of Hogans Heros. LOL!! Am I really tired or is that really funny? Who gives a ****? I think it's funny.

Devil Clown
You don't have to fill the survey form every time. I don't think you have to fill it out at all if you feel that it's invading your privacy. The password change is at the bottom of the survey form that you didn't want to look at. Relax !! Sheesh.

The apostrophe thing is hilarious. Keep previewing your post, and it keeps adding apostrophes.

I would say a big A!

This is something i for sure would invest in, eventhoug it only protects against front-impacts. It is still better than nothing! So what if it costs 500 $? it is cheap compared to the rest of your life in a wheelchair!

I'm bying! where can i get it denmark?
The reason that governments step in to enact helmet laws is not likely due to motorcycle deaths, but due to people that almost die. The cost to nurse someone back to health costs a whole lot more than a pine box. The government is looking to save money. That's what its all about.

As for The Dainese vest... I like it. As long as it is comfortable and does not seem like you have a few steaks stuffed in your coat, I think I would get one.

I recently bought a back protector and always wear leathers when I ride. Because I would definitely look stupid if I crashed with my closet of safety gear. I want to walk away from an accident.

My question is how well will it hold up sliding on pavement at 200 mph.(a question from a DragBike Racer)
It's NOT $500

Looks like a great idea. I would definitely consider buying one... HOWEVER, not that I want to insult your intelligence, but am I the only one who can read a couple of paragraph... everyone's been asking if it's 500... if you can read, it says "

Current estimates are a $500 increase in the price of an airbag equipped jacket and some three pounds of added weight. "

you know what that means right?

Let me repeat it ** $500 INCREASE **

i.e. if an airbag-equipped jacket is $500 (which I doubt), then this one would be $1000. Now you get a calculator if you don't believe me :)

$1000 makes me think about it a little bit before I jump out and buy it. If it's more, forget it.
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I totally agree! I'm a budding new rider who just finished a motorcycle safety course, but I'm still concerned about safety. Car airbags save thousands of lives every year, so I'm all for it. I'm also an artist, so I care about style as well. At least it's Dainese that's designing the thing, so you know it'll be COOL. Be safe.
exactly. That's definitely another good reason. Guess who foots that medical bill. You and me! Some people act like the govt. is some kind of alien that comes from another planet that tries to take control of our lives, but if you remember your grade school history class--it's govt for the people, BY THE PEOPLE.
This seems to be a very good idea at first glance. However, after I watched the mpeg in the article I’m not so sure. I was a witness to a pretty bad wreck involving a friend of mine several years ago. He got hit head on by a pickup truck with a combined impact speed of around 35 mph. (Much the same as one would have if T-boning a car that just turned left in front of you. You know, the “I didn’t even see that motorcycle” syndrome.) In any event, his injuries were consistent with the majority of frontal collisions. Head trauma, broken clavicle, teeth knocked out/shattered and inhaled into his lungs, broken ribs, knee and shin. The most serious injury was obviously the head trauma and his teeth being inhaled. The teeth thing may (or may not) have been prevented/lessened by the use of newer full-face helmets (his was a top of the line Bell at the time). The ribs and clavicle would almost certainly have been prevented or lessened by the use of this device (in itself possibly worth buying it). However, the injury that this thing is supposed to prevent wouldn’t have been lessened at all and possibly may have been exaggerated! As my friend’s body made initial contact with the front of the truck, his head was whipped around the pivot of his neck and slammed into the hood of the truck, which is very typical of a body first/head first impact. This thing looks like it would cause the exact same thing to happen but to a greater extent because of the added leverage caused by the bag hitting an object before the body with no forward restraint to the head and neck! (Watch the first mpeg closely! The dummies head and neck are greatly accelerated once the bag hits then are slammed into the crash object! Ouch!) The only thing that saves you in an auto crash when the air bag deploys is its ability to lessen the g-forces with which your head and neck are accelerated and then decelerated. That only works if it inflates in FRONT of your face! Maybe Dainese can work out the bugs here. But for my money, unless they fix the above issue I’ll just keep wearing my leathers/body armor and ride like the cell phone yapping, kid spanking, granny toting mini-vans and SUV’s are out to kill me. If they get the frontal impact thing figured out then I’ll be the first in line to buy one.
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The start of a new extreme sport. Crashing your bike at high speed into the guardrail on a bridge to see how much air you can get before you hit he water.
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