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The problems most likely would be with the fuel system and battery. When gas sits for long periods of time, it begins to break down and leave deposits. The carb(s) might clog up prematurely. When a battery is allowed to sit for long periods without a full charge, the plates can become irreversably coated with sulfate. It may not be able to hold a full charge. Over time, some fluids can absorb moisture and become contaminated. Coolant that sits for a long time can leave deposits. Rubber oxidizes over time, so even though the tires have plenty of tread, they'll have deteriorated.

Have the battery fully charged and load tested to make sure it still has full capacity. Change the brake fluid, fork oil, coolant, engine oil, and oil filter. Oil and wipe off the chain to remove dust. Drain the tank and add fresh gas. Add a maintenance amount of fuel system solvent such as Techron to to the first few tanks of fuel. Replace the tires with a fresh set. Check all hoses and fittings for tightness.

Once you have gone over the bike and freshened everything, enjoy your like-new, low-mileage ride!
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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