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Daytona 200 Post Race Quotes

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Go, Mat ,Go

Third times a charm

Did I mention first post?
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Those wacky Aussies

Mat and Troy, what a great day for Australian fans. These two guys are the tops, too bad our US riders were'nt there yesterday. Ben Bostrom was a let down, fruitcake should have gotten out there in Race two and put his head down. I sure am glad the season has started, bring it on!!
Any word on the hurt riders?

Hope all involved were OK.

Pete P.
Re: Any word on the hurt riders?

This is the first road race I've seen in many years (I'm getting back into biking after a long absence - family, job, and all that) and I was wondering about something. Did this race seem seem to have more carnage than usual? Not that there were crashes, which is to be expected, but the nature of the crashes. The crash at startup with the stalled engine where the rider plowed right into them, I mean, was the guy not even looking where he was going?
Re: Wild Race

Roberts prooved TRUE professionalism yesterday, riding with a broken hand and putting his bike on the podium. It was apparent all day that Mladin was the rider to beat. I was sad to see so many good racers injured in such a wierd start to a season. Russell had such high hopes sitting aboard the ducati's and now his season is pretty much over. Hayden has early problems with the RC and shows he is also a true professional by almost getting the backup bike into the top 10. Harley actually gave me something to cheer about for a bit ( a brief bit ) until picotte left with 5 laps remaining with engine troubles. I don't think that I have ever seen such a wild race!!!!
Re: Any word on the hurt riders?

russell has a broken arm and a broken leg from the reports that I have seen. It appears that his season has ended. sad to see with the excitement revolving around him riding the duck this year.
Re: Wild Race

I am one of the biggest Russell fans around and had high hopes that he would be battliing or possibly run away with his 6th victory.

After qualyifing was final it was quite evident that he simply didn't contain the edge he once had. Then the unfortunate incident on the starting line. His career is over. After what happened and realizing his career is pretty much over he will look back and regret the last 2 years on the hog no matter ho much money he got.

As for everyone else it was weird so many people having trouble. I think kawa boys were the only ones who didn't run into any real problems. Hayden started out hurt and just had more problems but give him credit starting from the back a lap down on a backup bike and made the top 10.

Roberts made the podium under less then ideal in his first AMA superbike and first Daytona.

Matt is no doubt once again the man to beat thus far. The guy was untouchable and if it weren't for the red flags nobody would have challanged him at all.
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This is Kurtis Roberts: " I was trying to get around these guys and maybe slow them down to give Miguel a few second lead and maybe win one for Honda..."

What the [email protected]#$!!! Is that what this is all about???

I don't believe that is good sportsmanship. If somebody is faster than you on the track step aside and give him a chance!!! Don't be an Ahole and play games at 180mhp!!! I noticed he tried to do that to Mat, but did not last for too long. What a prick! And way to go, taking out two of the Suzukis (don't know whose fault that was).

Sorry for going off on this guy, but I guess I'm going through withdrawals after having sold my wheelie carazy, 133rwhp, ~400lbs, Yoshi 2000 GSXR 750.

Excellent race, too bad there were several mishaps and too many restarts. Honda has a good chance of winning the championship now (if you know what I mean)

See you all at Laguna....
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Re: Those wacky Aussies

What happened to Bostrom in race 2? (I didn't see it, and haven't read any good detailed reports yet.) All I saw was that he was DNF. What'd he that causes you to slam him (let down, fruitcake)?
Like it or not, that is part of almost all racing series, whether the racers tell you that or not. Blocking for your team, or letting up to let a team mate by (who needs the points in championship hunt) is done frequently. We don't always realize it, and the racers rarely talk about it.

Kurtis is young, but a very talented racer, and a good team player. However, he has to learn when and what to say. He made some remarks after the season ending 600SS race last year at Willow, about how he just stuffed it inside Hacking and Bostrom on the last turn. Something like, "Well I just through it in there. I was either going to win, or crash and take them two with me." While we may not agree with that being proper racing, it is done a lot. But he should not have said anything. You'd think that King Kenny would help tutor Kurtis on these fine points of racing PR.
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I guess the previous post is about telling us all he used to own a bike? Why we need to know how much it weighed and the horse-power it put out is beyond me. Now his apology is unacceptable because if Kurtis wants to get in front and block for his team mate (or fellow honda rider) so be it thats racing folks. I think thats exactly what dale earnhardt was doing (blocking) when he got in trouble in the last race of his life. As far as implying that Kurtis Roberts had anything to do with Yates and Hacking getting taken out well thats just plain absurd. My whole opinion on the Yates-Hacking crash is why the hell did AMA allow a pace car to come out on the track at all!!!!!!! I mean no way in hell anyone saw that car coming off the bank until they were right on top of it. I'm happy for Mladin I don't think he could have pushed that bike any harder than he did. I feel bad for Russell getting tagged, but that was a prime example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now if Brent is reading or someone from MO is out there please delete that last post because it has no integrity to it.
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I tuned in the race between the second and third red flag. Imagine my confusion at what had happened to the field! The funniest thing about the race was watching Mladin kissing and patting his motorcycle after the checkered flag. I think he likes the new GSX-R750, A LOT! Pops Yoshimura would have been proud. Go Suzuki!
Re: Any word on the hurt riders?

apparently one of the guys that went into the haybails in the chicane didn't make it. I'm searching for more details.

I was at the race but the info you get from the track announcers sucks! More about Daytona Speedway management later.
Re: Any word on the hurt riders?

I hear ya. I watched the race and couldn't believe the big re-start accident. Scott had his hand up to signal to riders behind him as he moved over. Then some idiot "back marker" ran right into him! I'm happy to see Scott on a very competitive bike now that he is away from those worthless Harleys. I think there are too many bikes in the race. If you have to have two groups leave the start line, you have one group too many. Too bad for Scott's season, now that he is laid-up for a while.
Thanks God for Freedom of Speech, huh soup nazi?
Re: Those wacky Aussies

He refused to re-enter race two after his second black flag. First flag for jumping the start, second for going too fast down pit lane after stopping for first flag.
Freedom of speech is good but when people (logangixy2k) post nonsense then it sucks.
Re: Those wacky Aussies

Yes, both mistakes he made on his own. Be a man and get out there.
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