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Re: How do I get there?

Yes, you can just show-up. If you get there about :40 minutes before start time, you'll be fine. However, you need to allow another 30 minutes on top of that, to get from I-95 to the speedway, because traffic can be somewhat brutal.

From Orlando, take 4 East, until it dead ends at I-95. Merge on to 95 North and then stay to your right because you need to take the next exit, which is Hwy 92. When you get off the freeway, turn right onto 92 and move to the middle lane and pass about 500 people on your right. Be sure to get back over to the right, at least two blocks before the speedway though, or you'll miss the turn. There will be cops everywhere, so be carefull not to do anything foolish in/around the intersections.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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