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Daytona 675 outted

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Reader ikonoclass pointed out that there's a lot of speculation going down at
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Update: "We've ridden it. It's mind-blowing."

Okay, get this. I saw some scans of the 32-page feature the Bike magazine did on the 675. They covered the entire development of the bike from the first designs to the super-secret prototype test. The sub-head reads: "We've ridden it. It's mind-blowing."

The intro goes on to call the 675 the greatest British sportbike ever made and one of the greatest of all time, comparing it in stature and significance to the RC-30 and the 916. Hyperbole? Maybe. But the British press has never been particularly kind to the new Triumph.

It's too soon to pronouce the 675 anything yet. But it does pique the interest a bit, probably even for those of you that are (understandibly) sick of hearing about supersports.

You just can't help but root for the underdog.

Now, that new R6...
Bike feature is posted there,

If you go into the TT600/D6 forum, there's a thread about the 675. The second page has the scans from the Bike feature. To say they liked it would be the understatement of the century. You can't read much of the text, but you can read the intro (if you squint.) It states there that the 675 actually made 120 rwhp, but apparently 116 was also noted somewhere.
Re: Bike feature is posted there,

I hate it when someone talks about some other webpage that they visited and don't post a link.

I'm much more interested in the Scrambler....
53 ft. lbs is hardly torquey. :-/

Though I am very much looking forward to the bike; been a fan of Triumph for some time now.
English rags always pick the Triumphs as winners. It amazing reading their hyperbole as they pick the Daytona over the R1 and Gixxer 1K.

It certainly seems plausible they think its the greatest sportbike ever made.

It may be true; however, I would not take the word of Brittish journalists.
Um, almost every British review I've read has thrashed Triumphs or damned them with faint praise. Although, the new Sprint ST did get some oral favors. The Daytona 650 was pretty well received by the European press.

Now, who the hell picked the Daytona (955i?) over the RI and GSX-R? Think they're getting payola.
Re: Bike feature is posted there,

My apologies.
Yeah, the new ST was the first Triumph I can remember that got unreserved praise from the Brit sportbike press, with the new S3 also getting fairly happy reviews...

And apparently only 375 lbs!.It,s abit weird looking,[that,s a good thing],I like different.Sure beats that butt fugly en650r though.I am up for anew bike,might take alook at it.
As a real-world bike, the Daytona 955i might be better than the R1 or Gixxer. Those bikes are becoming close to unrideable for those over 6 feet tall and approaching 40.
nevermind i found a pic of the scrambler,and I agree,me likey!
At this rate in a few years the 750 class will be back in force.
I kinda dig it but I'd be more likely to buy a Sprint.

Hmmm..I guess I am old.
Apparently, it's not the peak torque that's impressive, it's the linear delivery. By the factory numbers, it reaches it's peak torque high in the rev range, like most supersports, but it supposedly pulls hard (for a middleweight) across the range.

Let us remember that even the top-line 600 I-4s only make in the high 40s (give or take).
MCNEWS.CO.AU has a nice picture. Looks like a R1 to me. Yep I think seruzawa is right on, the 750 class is about to make a come back..
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