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Daytona 675 outted

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Reader ikonoclass pointed out that there's a lot of speculation going down at
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I drive past the gym two or three times a day and my wrists don't hurt. I put 250 miles on my piped and jetted Thruxton yesterday and the only thing that hurts is my face from grinning like a maniac.....

I figure I'm crankin' out a blazing 73 horse's or so. Gotta' keep a tight rein on them ponies, so I lift weights to increase my strength. Most of the time I stick to 12 oz's, every once in a while I man-up and go fer' 25.4's
Hey, I was too busy shoveling coal in the boilers to worry about splinters, that's what deck apes are for.
You're right about the Bandit top clamp, I gave the SV a serious look because the motor would have to be fun, but the ergos on it are off by a mile. Drop the pegs and put flat bars on it and they'd sell like hot-cakes.
Re: Scrambled Turnips

The bad thing about the pipes on the Scrambler is the oil filler on Bonnies is right under there. I'm sure there's some way to get a long funnel in, but it's an awkward spot to put them.
I wound up with $6900 which, taking into account milage and all was probably a fair market price. they book out from $7100 to $7300 on the internet. Obviously, to me $69,000 wouldn't be enough but short of a bigger headache than I already got over the whole fiasco that was the best they were going to do. They initially offered $5100, when I politely told them to get f****d they "reevaluated the current market" and came up with $6900.

Funny thing about the Thrux., with the torque curve and fairly wide powerband, you really don't have to row the 'box that much. I was mostly on 70~80 mph sweepers all day and kept it in 5th..... by crawling under the tank and wringing it out I hit about 115 and neatly pulled away from my bro on his FXR

I have to give a prop to the mechanic at Cycle Mart in Olympia, he went through the carbs and jetting after I put the "off road" pipe on and the bike runs great, pulls clean all the way to redline. Guy knows his shyt with Bonneville's
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Re: Scrambled Turnips

I just rigged up a catch pan under mine, with a line going to the vacuum port on the intake. When I crank it for 15 minutes to start it, it sucks the oil right back in.
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