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Daytona 675 outted

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Reader ikonoclass pointed out that there's a lot of speculation going down at
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Re: Scrambled Turnips

It's like the print was made with the negative backwards. The chain and the exhaust are on the wrong side, but at least they're together.

The thing is cute. Pretty much the only thing i'd consider trading my airhead beemers in on. You couldn't ride that bike without a smile on your face.

I had a Pacifico last night in honor of you having beers with Super Hunky. How cool is that?
Re: Scrambled Turnips

I am SO jealous. That IS way cool. A living legend.

I agree totally. I liked the bonnie, but this scrambler is the rat's behind. Too bad there aren't photos from a different angle.
1 - 2 of 90 Posts
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