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Daytona 675 outted

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Reader ikonoclass pointed out that there's a lot of speculation going down at
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Re: Scrambled Turnips

That scrambler looks like my CL350. Except for the pipes being on the wrong side. Those wacky Brits.

As for the street bike, it looks kind of, er..Japanese to me...
Re: Scrambled Turnips

If you followed it up with a couple shots of Huradura Silver, way cool.

That scrambler's the coolest bike in Triumphs lineup for my money. Even more retro than the Bonnie.
Re: Scrambled Turnips

Well at least it's not like the pipes on my Scrambler that have 350 10mm nuts and bolts holding it together, along with more straps and supports than Kate Smith's brassiere.

What are those big lumpy things on the headpipes? Scone heaters?

And I can still buy real trials tyres, why can't Triumph. Feh. Bah. Fooey.
1 - 3 of 90 Posts
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