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Daytona 675 outted

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Reader ikonoclass pointed out that there's a lot of speculation going down at
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They ought to do what the drag racers do. Classify bikes by the amount of air they pump. That would even the playing field.
Re: Scrambled Turnips

Where are the Dunlop Trials Universals? Shouldn't they be standard equipment?
I wound up with $6900 which, taking into account milage and all was probably a fair market price. they book out from $7100 to $7300 on the internet. Obviously, to me $69,000 wouldn't be enough but short of a bigger headache than I already got over the whole fiasco that was the best they were going to do. They initially offered $5100, when I politely told them to get f****d they "reevaluated the current market" and came up with $6900.

Funny thing about the Thrux., with the torque curve and fairly wide powerband, you really don't have to row the 'box that much. I was mostly on 70~80 mph sweepers all day and kept it in 5th..... by crawling under the tank and wringing it out I hit about 115 and neatly pulled away from my bro on his FXR

I have to give a prop to the mechanic at Cycle Mart in Olympia, he went through the carbs and jetting after I put the "off road" pipe on and the bike runs great, pulls clean all the way to redline. Guy knows his shyt with Bonneville's
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Re: Scrambled Turnips

I just rigged up a catch pan under mine, with a line going to the vacuum port on the intake. When I crank it for 15 minutes to start it, it sucks the oil right back in.
Although I have not ridden an SV1000, I do own a DL1000 V-Strom. The motor is similar to the SV1000 and the bike has dropped pegs and upright bars which make it supremely comfortable for the long haul. Once the fuel injection is fixed via a Power Commander, the DL provides extraordinary sportbike fun without any of the sportbike pain. Even though the DL is dubbed an 'adventure-tourer', its handling is sporty enough to bring a big smile to the face of this ex-GSXR1000 owner. In fact, the pleasure in outriding others on pure sportbikes while on your 'adventure-tourer' is a perverse one indeed. As an added bonus, the DL is cheap and you still get that marvelous TL1000-based engine.
Time for Aprilia to release that 450 twin sportbike?

As for the 675 triple... why did Triumph have to go and do that? As owner of a YZF750R, I was perfectly happy with my steed. But now they had to go and make a motorcycle that makes me drool. I used to have a Daytona 955i, and I hear the song of a triple calling me again. No motor derived sound can compare to the warble of a triple with an aftermarket can.... although the scream from a 20 valve Yamaha four is pretty nice. Maybe my wife would let me have two.... or three, because I sure like the new Scrambler as well.

I think it's time for me to wake up and get back to work.
Okay... Maybe its the 20+ suction pumps I'm in the middle of inspecting, or the feedback I'm getting cross-eyed writing, but you manage to lose me there...

I thought displacement was related to how much air the engine moved: Bore x Stroke x Cylinders? What am I missing?
Re: Bike feature is posted there,

I hate it when someone posts a link and doesn't make it an active link."
Displacement is exactly that... but the power output (and delivery) will differ depending on the number of cylinders and dimensions of those cylinders - larger bore/shorter stroke will rev higher and generally produce more HP but less torque, while smaller bore/longer stroke will beef up the torque while reducing peak HP.

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