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Daytona Coverage on the Tube

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As long as they don't cut away for week-old NASCRAP highlights again, I'm in.
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Hopefully Superstock race will be so popular that Speed will cover the whole series....
Are they going to show the "Best Custom Trailer" contest?

How about the "Biggest Beer Belly" contest?

"Sleaziest Old Lady"?
How many times will we get to see Race Car Driver and TV Analyst Derek Cope plug that hair stuff? I can't wait man...
It's that time again when I get to hear "the Daytona 200 by Arai", about a hundred times!

Will half the race run behind the commercials? Oh well there isn't much passing at Daytona anyway, I can just be sure not to miss the end of the race.

Did they get the tire problems sorted?
and why no Viagra sponsorship? A big motorcycle wheelying through like a fur chicane or something seems like such a natural.
Kinda like that Levitra commercial with the guy throwing the football through the tire while his wife beams with delight?
why don't they just run the old Monty Python clips of the smokestack collapsing then standing up again? Better'n some goofball hick talkin' 'bout his luuv life.

Hopefully they'll show some Nascar racin' instead of them motor sickle girls with thier titties all smudged out
Monty Python ? You must be older than dirt. I think the smokestack scenes were intercut with a large rocket if I remember correctly.

By all means. Show NASCAR. I've been having insomnia problems lately.
Even better, we get to hear them mispronounce "Arai" every single one of those hundred times!
Or maybe a sportbike "Rev-Off" (I've seen sportbike riders actually do this), or a "Longest Swingarm" contest.
Between our thrilling presidential work-ups and 23/7 nascrap coverage on TV I'm surprised you can wake up long enough to log on
Geez, a little bit of negativity going on here!!??!!

I sure don't see ANY other Network stepping up to cover anything from Daytona. I don't agree what Speed has done in regards to Two Wheel Tuesdays, and not showing as many repeats of G.P.'s, but they do do a very good job in regards to the A.M.A.! Last year they stuck around during the numerous rain delays for hours. They even showed the 200 a day later. Also Dave Despain is a very good Announcer. When Speed does go to the Races, they do an EXCELLENT job. Credit where credit is due?
What? And miss all this fun?
Actually, whomever they sponser should be able to get the "hole shot" at the beginning of every race
and static where static is due. During the typical 30-minute long 600 race, I bet there's 10 mins. or more of commercials. Be nice to pack more of them in before and after or something.
I kind of agree with the previous post that we are probably lucky to get what we've got from SPEED channel (although hearing Dave Despain's commentary makes me feel like an alligator is biting my head) and that the price of what we are getting is commercial after commercial. What I want to know is this: I have not one but two satellite dishes out in the yard and access to about a zilllion channels many of which are rarely used (especially analog C band). Surely someone out there can figure out a way to make a buck from satellite feeds of motorcycle races? Heck, even local TV stations use satellite uplinks these days. The tech is relatively cheap and pervasive. It's got to be a matter of obtaining the broadcasting rights for a reasonable amount of dough.

JB, I hear that you are living large these days. Give some if it up, man. Aside from a great public service when you are not broadcasting motorcycle races you can be the Rupert Murdoch of the left.

Just a thought.

yeah man

by Zaire standards or Bolivian ones, I am a wealthy fat man. Rupert Murdoch of the Left? Would that be like establishing a kosher deli in Palestine or something?
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