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Daytona Tire Tests

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Pretty good first showing by Bostrom on the Yammy. First?
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Yep I agree Soup says Mladin was using his 06 bike.

Think Eric was a little soft on the bike? I do. Bet on the fact that he will be with in a tenth of a second of Mladin's best lap on the '07 when hits the track after it clears customs. Eric will race for wins or thow it away for the first 3 or 4 races at the start of the season.
Just found out that the Yoshi bikes are still stuck and Matt took his marbles and flew back home.
Eye of the Tiger.

Funny. Think you are spot on Eric. I used to love to watch him race that old ZX-7R in superbike he was good on the ZX-6R too. I think he will have the Eye of Tiger this year.
Re: Eye of the Tiger.

Race or wreck tryin'. He's one of the most talented under-rated superbike riders in the world. It'd be fun watching him on one of the Italian Yamaha WSB bikes that Corser will be on this year. Jake, Miguel, Aaron, Rog, Tommy (and the list goes on) are going to hate life this year.
Daytona is cool. I hope Ducati Corse can at least put a good effort in '07 there. Superbike and did I hear maybe for the 200!!!??? I'll be there.

Wondered of any of the other dozen or so MOrons out there that follow the sport side caught Toronto? Great race! Big impact on season?

Fastest motorcycle was cool, waiting for next week.

Canadian Moto-X was cool too. I try not to follow their season during the year so it's all "new" for me when SPEED shows it.

Larry Pegram is the only Duc in the field this year. Running only a FX bike. Larry's FX bike is allowed a 100cc bump in the rules and low-and-behold Ducati is readying an 848 for release in the summer. So, look for Larry to be the test bed for the motor, as well.
Let the Twins have an advantage.

I didn't realize there was a connection. Thanks..That's cool. In Superbike I say put the 4s back down to 750 or 800cc and let the twins run 1000cc.. Bunch of whiners. just kidding.
FX is what runs at Daytona for the 200 (these days,grumble, grumble)! Pegrams solid but wouldn't mind seeing Troy... or what's up with Neil?
Toronto was a great race! Not sure of impact on season.....the biggest impact will be if Bubba's injury costs him a start or a poor finish. of course if he keeps taking out other riders,he may face some problems. i prefer outdoor MX over Supercross,but I'm looking forward to the season....
Neil is waiting to go to work for the guy he hates the most. As soon as Foggy gets funds it's an inked deal.
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