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Deafening wind noise

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I am going to have to sell my bike if I can't find a way to reduce wind noise. Even with ear plugs when i finish riding my ears are ringing
I have a Kawasaki Vulcan s and an Arai profile v helmet.
I tried a wind screen and it made the wind noise much much much worse

What else to i try?
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I think you need to visit an audiologist.
A person who does hearing aids.
Pick one who actually has an MD in the office too.

I think this is an EAR problem, not a motorcycle problem.
An additional thought:
Have you tried a test ride without the helmet ?
The helmet design might be part or all of your problem.
+1 for the audiologist. There are many earplug options for motorcyclists, including custom designs with filters (they are pricey but magnitudes less than hearing aids!). Ears come in many shapes and it may take some testing to find an effective, comfy pair. Buy a few different styles and try them out. Note that some plugs may also extend too far from the ear and transmit vibrations through the helmet directly into your ear - quite painful.

Tall windscreens can also help. Some hate the look but if it’s between that and not riding…
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