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Decision on Harley TwinCam Suit

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First Post!

What a joke. They got away with a major design flaw/problem and the customer has to pay to fix it. I'll stick with my Kawasaki.
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Back Off Non-Harley People, the real problem was...

Harley changed bearing suppliers! That's right, they quit using good old American Timken bearings and started using nasty old foreign INA bearings. The cams are fine, it was simple bearing failure not a design flaw. Once the flaw was finally determined, it was fixed by replacing the now damaged cams and putting a decent damn bearing in its place. Still not as bad as the original Honda Interceptor main bearing problem that Honda still hasn't admitted fault for...but then again, they had no resale value any way.

This is actually a triumph for everybody, a law suit that should never had been allowed to be filed got beat, about damn time.....

Plus all the 1999 and 2000 Harley's have an updated cam set to boot.....

and yes, I wojld buy one, matter of fact did 2003 Electra Glide Classic, with Timken bearings behind the cam.....

BMW bendable wheels NOT replaced

have had it happen on a R1100RT and K1200LT. The replacement wheels lok the same but are not. BMW refused to even talk about replacing them. BIG difference in customer service and yes, I still own the K1200LT any way...

1 - 2 of 63 Posts
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