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Declaration of Independence issued by SBK

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Hopefully the two series can coexist without too much problem. There should be some serious competition over the talent pool though.

Another thought, I wonder what Ducati and Aprilia(maybe Honda?) will think of allowing 1000cc in-line 4's into their V-twin party. I think Honda could switch over again relatively quickly, but for the two smaller Italian names, one who is in the GP's and one who is expressing interest, I wonder if they would continue to hold the same commitment to WSBK if they essentially had to switch to the in-line 4 configuration to remain competitive.

Here's hoping that the differences between the two styles of machines will be enough to keep good riders in each series... the more 2-wheeled sports the better.
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The key to the success of any racing series is to keep it interesting for the fans. With GP bikes being the highest level of engineering (2 or 4 stroke) the various factories can produce, WSB would (in my opinion) do well to be exceptionally strict as to changes that can be made to regular production bikes. This way there would be racing for those who enjoy watching unobtainable machines and racing for those of us who like to see "our" bikes on the track.

Imagine seeing a wsb bike race where the only mods to prod machines are readily available aftermarket pieces! Imagine, if the factories supported WSB, the direct improvements we, the 'road ridin' public would see in new bikes! This would be the ideal setup to me.

my two cents.

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