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"Police from several agencies conducted a brief crackdown, but using a noise meter to catch a moving motorcycle was not an easy task."

Why does this produce a hilarious Keystone Cops visual in my head? Phil & Bob, donut in hand, step out of their vehicle at a stop light, db meter in hand. As the light changes, Bob races after the bike trying to get a reading. As the exhaust blast blows off his hat, Phil cries out, "Look out for that..." But it's too late. Bob has run face first into a hot dog vendor cart. Jelly from the donut is everywhere, blinding the hot dog vendor who has lost his grip on the cart, which is now careening down the street. It takes out a piano mover who loses his grip and now the piano and the hot dog cart are racing downhill. The hot dog cart is aimed directly at the ladder where two painters are working on a sign that says, "Help keep Denver quiet, loud pipes hurt ears". But the piano is fast approaching two men moving that large pane of glass.

Oh Denver! Oh the humanity!
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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