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Denver Passes Loud Motorcycle Ordinance

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Yet another idiotic posting to what is supposed to be a news forum.

A city will now require EPA compliance.

What, Denver had a prior exemption?
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Did you notice that lots and lots of moderating is going on? I wonder who that could be?
I wish my rural NH town would enforce the NH law on db's. Next week is bike week, no sleep for me or my family.
Weedwackers, leafblowers, and now motorcycles.

It's madness!
Just for that I'm carting my Knuck over to WA and gonna blow your ears off at 2 AM and give ya the finger on the way out. So there!
Can't be Kook. He says he never moderates and we all know how honest he is.

Re: Looks Like.......

No, I'm pretty sure that mandatory helmets and tiered licensing will come first.
I just pulled down the ordinance (council bill 242) and it excludes bikes manufactured before December 31, 1982 from having an EPA stamped muffler; so restoring classics doesn't seem to be what pissed off the Cherry Creek crowd. The bill *does* however say that even if your bike meets the 82 dB level at 25 feet you still get ticketed if you don't have the stamp. It also says that any alteration of the stock can is a violation as well, so heating the muffler and ramming a broomstick inside to scramble the baffles is no longer just mechanically stupid, but also financially stupid.

Bryan...doesn't impact me much; I don't ride in Denver if I can help it...
Motorcyclist will just have to band-together and develop their own Nucular Weapons. If Bikes have The Bomb, then they'll HAVE to listen to us up on Capitol Hill.

Mutually Assured Destruction will keep those Sorry Bastitches In Line. Worked on the Russkies...........
Why are loud pipes so important? I just don't get it.

No one can complain. If you get put out of business and your business is making products that fall outside existing laws, then tough. If you can no longer run your "mine isn't loud" aftermarket pipes, tough. The only thing that surprises me is that it's taking this long.

Also, this is a "convenience" law. There are already laws just about everywhere that limit the amount of noise anything can emit, including motorcycles and lawnmowers. This law just makes it easier to stop loud bikes.
I double-dog dare you, fart breath
Yeah, how is that any harder than pointing a radar gun at you? They just want to be able to walk into a group of bikes parked somewhere, and write up anyone who doesn't have a sticker. To do that with a car, you would have to get down on the pavement and look at the muffler, if you could find it. Maybe Buell has the right idea.....
Re: Looks Like.......

If you were talking about the assholes that show up at soldier's funerals and shout that your loved one had it coming for going to war for a country where gay people are allowed to live, then I'm all for it. Maybe I took too much medicine this evening, but it wasn't clear to me which article you were referring to.
Ooh, a stamp! Because I can't forge a stamp in about 90 seconds.

--The Fox
Be careful...he said cart, not ride. He might actually trailer it out to you.

Haw Haw!

I'm back in Chicago. 776.3 miles today from North Platte, Nebraska to home, with 40-60 MPH crosswinds. I swear to Christ I was carrying 20 degrees of lean just to go straight sometimes. Yuck.

Great ride though.

--The Fox
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Re: But...

Wasn't that CARB, not the EPA that cracked down on Jesse?
Who's next?
no kidding. Worst case, cut the stamp out of an old stock muffler and tack it onto your aftermarket exhaust. "Yes, officer, my EPA approval stamp is right here..."
The U.S. Government.
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