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Deputy killed during charity ride

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My family and fellow biker friends send our condolences to the family of Officer Frank J. Griseto. This tragic event comes at a time of the year when friends and family are in our hearts and thoughts. Bikers in general never cease to amaze me with their open hearts and generousity. This charity ride will never be the same with good people like Frank J. Griseto.
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If I read this right, Mr Rodriguez was planing to turn onto Western, was all of western shut down for the parade of bikers? If so, this could have been even bloodier. Like that guy in California that drove through the street fair.

Shame, my condolences to his freinds and family.

You read it right. The road was closed, but there wasa a break in the bikes so this moron flew in. I understand he was also over the legal limit for alcohol. Pretty effin stupid.
UPDATED: Drunken Driving Charged In Toys-For-Tots Biker Death

Drunken Driving Charged In Toys-For-Tots Biker Death

Driver Of Car Was Injured

UPDATED: 2:20 PM CST December 6, 2004

CHICAGO -- A 74-year-old man was cited Monday for drunken and negligent driving in an accident that killed a DuPage County correctional officer riding a motorcycle in the Toys for Tots charity parade on the Northwest Side over the weekend.

Images: Toys For Tots Biker Death

Arcirio Rodriguez, of West Wilson Avenue, who was critically injured in the accident, was also ticketed for failure to yield the right away and failure to stop at a stop sign, according to police News Affairs Officer Amina Greer.

The motorcyclist, Frank Griseto, 55, was struck at around 10:30 a.m. Sunday near Cornelia and Western avenues, according to Greer. He had been a correctional officer at the DuPage County Jail since Oct. 27, 2003, according to DuPage County spokeswoman Carol Roegner.

Griseto was riding his motorcycle as part of the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade, according to police News Affairs Officer Patrice Harper.

Rodriguez reportedly ran a stop sign with his four-door Toyota when he made a left turn onto Western Avenue, Greer said. No other vehicles were damaged, she added.

Rodriguez remained in critical condition early Monday at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Greer said.

The 27th Annual Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade began at 9:30 a.m. Sunday at 83rd Street and Western Avenue, then traveled north along Western Avenue to Foster Avenue, the release stated.

The event collects toys to distribute to needy children in the Chicago area.
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Re: UPDATED: Drunken Driving Charged In Toys-For-Tots Biker Death

But for the Grace of God, there go I.

Thoughs and Prayers,

I wonder if the drunken oldster perp is gonna get as good a deal as Jackloff did.
Sorry to hear this. My brother was on a toy ride in Florida yesterday. He told me it was a great time.

Can't imagine this happening at such a positive event.

My condolences.
We all die. To go doing such good is indeed a silver lining to a very dark cloud. Godspeed.
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