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The Aprilia Futura comes pretty close is my book (though it looks like it's been dropped from the 2007 line-up). About all it needs is a large trunk, bar risers and slightly larger windshield. An aftermarket exhaust too, so it sounds like a liter v-twin should, not like a vacuum cleaner. All E-Z fixes.

A V-rod engine in a Buell Ulysses with a 1/2 fairing would also be pretty cool.

Then again, there's that new '08 Kawi Concours...


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1. Liquid cooled, counterbalanced 750cc four.

2. Belt drive

3. 6 speeds

4. Self adjusting valves

5. flat seat, full fairing, small hard saddlebags, top bag large enough for a full face helmet.

6. color "glass ****pit" with downloadable "skins" for guages and indicators.

7. selectable performance profiles for economy, sport, etc.

8. centerstand (easily removable)

9. under 500 pound wet weight.

10. Price under $7500

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I have ridden since 1976. Older machines were more "general" in nature. The newer machines have better performance, but only in particular areas. I believe that the short life cycles of most models is to blame. Why would the aftermarket build any accessories, when any model is only good for 2-3 years? Even the manufacturer gives us nothing more than cycle covers and "carbon-look" tank pads. Only the cruser lines get anything more...usually chrome everything and a passenger pillion...oooooh! ahhhhhh!

My current ride is a 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200R. It is fast, good on gas, good handling, comfortable, looks cool and was priced right. The down side is that it weighs too much, and has no luggage room (although under seat storage is larger than some tank bags!) My ideal bike would be this bike, but 50lbs lighter, with a center stand, slightly taller windshield, better suspension and with attractive hard bags as an option.

Unfortunately, Kawasaki let this design "wither on the vine" and die. Even after 5 years, the aftermarket failed to step up with much of anything. Now it has been replaced with bizzaro-shogun styled, less practical naked Ninjas

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My own 'perfect' motorcycle.

O.K. We get a V-Rod motor, hang it from a rope from the ceiling, and have Erik Buell build a sport touring (with this traditional emphasis on "sport") bike around it. Juice the motor, make it lean, crazy stiff chassis, brakes from hell, good seating position, world class bags, rider and passenger cushy accomodations for really long hauls. Bigger by necessity than his current stuff, but this is not a track day machine. (Although if your touring club went to the track, you would absolutely destroy the lot...) Big gas tank, wet weight under 650-700 lbs (WET). Please, Harley, PLEASE either let him or MAKE HIM build this bike! Keep my money here!

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Fuel cell bike

1000 miles between compressed natural gas fill-ups at home or station.

200 ft-lbs torque from 0 rpms up.

250 lb bike.

water vapor emissions.

whisper quiet.

Continuously variable transmission.

very loud horn when needed.

adjustable suspension so that any dwarf or stilt could ride safely and comfortably.

No-flat no-air solid polyurethane tires.

Seat that is as good as my lazy-boy for comfort.

Fuel cell also is able to plug into and power house or contruction site.

Electric motor is TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled).

Heated grips and seat standard.

Wind tunnel tested adjustable wind protection.

On/off road capable adventure touring style.

Nothing breaks should it fall over.

Capable of cruising at 100 mph all day.

Microprocessor controlled wheelies for the cooler than shiite factor.

Integral personal computer that has GPS input and wireless internet access. 6 by 10 inch LED LCD screen display. Plays radio, digital music, and is able to show movies and TV. Tach, speedo, and all systems monitored on display. Digitized Maintenance manual standard. Ruggedized to military specs.

Radar and infrared for night time safety shown on screen.

If stolen the computer alerts police to location of bike.

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OH, moto-mfgrs make LOTS of accessories for their motos - just nothing for the US domestic market. Case in point - look at the "accesories" for any particular model on Yamaha USA's website - then look at the same model on Yamaha UK.

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I would have that 171 hp on the rear wheel Kawi engine on a Fat Boy frame with chromed wheels. No bags but Royal Star's hinged saddle with a very minimum of storage space underearth, just enough for very thin nylon/polyvinyl emergency rainpants, miniature tube of suntan lotion and one condom.

Also from Royal. double front disks, hydraulic clutch and aluminum billet floor boards with hardened steel wear pieces. Steeper inclination capability. Electrically adjustable wind screen with quick non-tool release system.

- cruiz-euro

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A modern Hawk -- V-Twin, 750 to 800cc, 85-90 hp, solid torque, free-revver, good suspension, adjustability in the seat, bars and pegs to suit tall fellows, under 400 lbs, runs forever, simple, light, fun, versatile, reasonably priced.

Thank you.

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Kinda ditto that - Updated Sport Touring Hawk:

1000-1200 90 degree V-Twin

Outstanding handling

Fully adjustible suspension

Mostly visible engine

minimal use of plastic

200-250 mile range NOT including reserve

MONSTER low and mid range - but sweet up top

Useful luggage

BMW grade load capacity - say 450 lbs

Rangy and roomy for creaky knees and cranky wife

Chain, shaft, belt -who cares as long as transparent.

Deep and well thought out accessories a la BMW

Routine maintence procedures thought out well enough so that us home brew wrenches ain't completely left out in the cold.

Don't dare rush it to market and don't DARE use us as "beta testers"

Think of the SuperHawk as a sort of starting point. I couldn't care less who builds it.

And finally, make it something the crusier crowd wouldn't be caught DEAD on...

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A Ducati 916 with working electrics, no flaking rocker arms, and 18 000 mile valve adjustments with MBP collets. I'm 1/3 of the way there.

Comfort is for Goldwings, I'm quite happy with a torture rack sport bike.
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