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Offroad Vietnam upgrade our bike fleet regularly in order to make sure that our customers have the best choice of bikes available in Vietnam. Below are bikes - still quality by Vietnamese standards and we did all the jobs ourselves - that we sell to import better ones. All come with two months engine guarantee. There are cheaper bikes at Dich Vong second-hand markets in Hanoi but the sellers are well-known for replacing Chinese generic parts which will result in poor performance after just a few days of purchase. Many sellers even cheat you with some Chinese copycats or tell you a Taiwanese SYM's Bonus is a Honda Bonus or a Chinese Win is a Honda Win. We are honest and never sell Chinese copy cats.

A real Honda costs much more than a Chinese bike. We are more concerned with performance, safety and comfort when you ride. Your insurance, in most cases, are not valid in Vietnam. Therefore, get a good bike and flow with the traffic.

For a list of bikes currently available, please click here.

In addition to selling used motorbikes, we also assist in planning your personal trip and for more details please click here.
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