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I'm a fan of anything two wheeled. In addition to 2 street bikes, I have a dual sport, and my kids have an xr50. Anyone that thinks their skills could use improvement (this should mean everyone) should ride off road periodically. If you want to humiliate yourself, try to keep up with some of the teenagers at the local sandpit.

They are not terribly impressed by gsxr's and r1's or their owners.

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Any ATV stuff would be great also. When it's too nasty for the R1 I haul the DS650 into the stix for a change o' pace. Keeps me grinin' from ear to ear like a possum eatin' s#@t!
The site is fantastic, I visit almost daily. As for the dirt section, it could use a bit more attention, such as it's own updating instead of the main stories going through the main page first. Optimally, the main page would be redesigned to seperate it into STREET:DIRT , instead of menu: top stories. It IS Motorcycle online, not streetbike online. You get a lot more attention from the dirt heads if a little effort was brought forth in redesigning the site a little more with dirt stories(racing, new models, vintage).
Related to the last prompt of the survey, "I only come here for the babes," why do you guys post "babe" shots at all? Those who want online-skin will find a lot more elsewhere, and those of us who are a touch more modest think that Katja in full leathers on a bike is more attractive than a silicone-implanted android in a swimsuit.

Just a thought,

Starving Student
someones bike will always be better than anothers. and if there were no flame wars, what fun would we have? why dont all bike manufacturers make the same bike? because they wanna have a better bike than ther other guy, therefore sell more of the better bike.
they are not terribly impressed by gsxrs or r1s??? ok, its a different sport and you cant compare it. wow, some people just amaze me with idiotic comments like that. gixxer riders get thrill by doubling and trippling speed limits and wearing off their knee caps. while motox riders get thrill off jumps and what not. so please, lets keep the issues separate, one has nothing to do with the other.
street only!!!

please stick to street only. there IS a reason why there are separate magazines for different sports, and there arent enough sport bike sites or mags. other mags and sites are already useless for sport bike riders, and you seem to be one of the few sites that devote to street bikes, so please, oh god, please, stick to street, and that fox scares me to death.
umbrella babes are the best, thats why, you'd know if you ever went to any races.
I think anything that relates to motorcycles should be included in this site. I ride a streetbike, but that does not mean that I limit my mind to only one style of riding. If it has two wheels include it! The name of the site is "Motorcycle Online", not "streetbikes Online", "Sportbikes Online", "Cruiser Online", or "Dirtbikes Online" I think that MO is doing a great job and should continue to post articles on all forms of 2 wheel fun.
Katja is the best, you'd know if you ever watched _the races_ instead of the people standing around.
Amen to this one. Now Im not sure whats up with sccracing, must of fallen off an xr50 at an early age and has been deeply troubled since. Oh great now Im in on the flame wars... Ignore that last one. Just that this is motorcycle on line and I for one live, eat, and sleep bikes of all sorts. I ride dualsport, street and dirt as often as possible. I would love to see reviews on all bikes just so I know what to fill my stable with. I think the key word is MORE, more everything!
At least do dual purpose comparisons

I already love the rush of road texture, air temperature, humidity, etc. The stimulation I get from in-your-face plant smells and natural scenery on trail riding is almost ferocious.
Is that the best you can do? It's so...third grade.
I would like to see more dirt, more dual-sport, more choppers, more low- to mid-priced bikes, and more street riding. Maybe even some features on older, affordable bikes. I mean, I always read the latest hype about R1's or Ducati 996's or whatever, but I have no desire (and even less financial resources) to buy one or even ride one in the foreseeable future. Really, why would I care at all which open-class sportbike has the most racetrack-friendly suspension or is easiest to accelerate out of turn 6 at the Streets of Willow or whatever? You guys have some of the best writing in the American motorcycle media universe (web or print) (you guys are almost up to the British standard of motojournalism), but there is a slight danger that you will end up pigeonholing yourselves into a very narrow SoCal sportbiking motojournalist niche.

Anyway, maybe pick up a copy of some of the British mags like AWoL, B.S.H., Streetfighters, Superbikes, Bike, etc., steal a few story ideas, and apply your wit, riding skills and thesauruses to the task.

Uhh, other than that, keep up the good work!
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The best, fastest, and sexiest bike ever was a CX500. It could take an R1 any day of the week.
Actually, I find that a lot of the British magazines are even more sportbike-oriented than MO (except for last year, where MO really focused on sportbikes. This year is better). Bike, Biker, and Performance Rider are pretty much supersport and superbike cover-to-cover.

I do agree that MO needs to stay out of the trap of being SoCal sportbike oriented. I personally don't care whether an R6 or GSXR600 will stay more settled in turn 6 of Willow Springs. I live in the mountains of Colorado and standards and dual-sports are what are most practical--and most fun--for where I ride (though my current bike is an absolutely bulletproof Honda Shadow 600).

Dirt content is good, but make sure that you get plenty of trailies and dual-sports instead of just MX. Just like I'd rather read sportbike reviews on the street than on the track.
They ice race here in NH also. Bikes, cars, atv's, snowmobiles or anything the ice will hold. It has

been cold, so our lakes have at least a foot of ice.

i was just really bored and couldnt find anything else to do. its a cold and windy day outside and a bit frosty too.
you'd rather look at a guy than a fine lady??? ok...whats the world coming to...
Re: street only!!!

yes! finally someone agrees that street and dirt are infact "different."
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