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I would like to see more dirt, more dual-sport, more choppers, more low- to mid-priced bikes, and more street riding. Maybe even some features on older, affordable bikes. I mean, I always read the latest hype about R1's or Ducati 996's or whatever, but I have no desire (and even less financial resources) to buy one or even ride one in the foreseeable future. Really, why would I care at all which open-class sportbike has the most racetrack-friendly suspension or is easiest to accelerate out of turn 6 at the Streets of Willow or whatever? You guys have some of the best writing in the American motorcycle media universe (web or print) (you guys are almost up to the British standard of motojournalism), but there is a slight danger that you will end up pigeonholing yourselves into a very narrow SoCal sportbiking motojournalist niche.

Anyway, maybe pick up a copy of some of the British mags like AWoL, B.S.H., Streetfighters, Superbikes, Bike, etc., steal a few story ideas, and apply your wit, riding skills and thesauruses to the task.

Uhh, other than that, keep up the good work!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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