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Dirt Revivalism: Yossef On The New XT660

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Re: Dirt Revivalism: Yossef Gets Down With The New XT660

Ha! first post. It'll be nice to see these sell. Not anough of this breed out there....
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And the size of those exhaust cans! Why two anyway? Jeez...

I think this is a great bike. Cast in the imperfect mold of compromise, it conquers neither street nor dirt with any real aplomb, but somehow manages to do both.

It reminds me of the first XL600S Honda that came out in 1983 (albeit water cooled).

In the hands of a good rider, this Yamaha could be a terror. .

Long live foo-foo bikes! Thanks Yossef.

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1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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