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Dirt Revivalism: Yossef On The New XT660

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Re: Dirt Revivalism: Yossef Gets Down With The New XT660

Ha! first post. It'll be nice to see these sell. Not anough of this breed out there....
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I think the only replacement for a 9 year old KLR is a new KLR. It's already a better bike for dual purpose riders than the XT660 or BMW's F650GS series. At $5100 dollars MSRP you can upgrade the suspension, make engine mods, add luggage, and go out for dinner and still be in a competitive price range of the Beemer and XT.
Just read the 1999 MO review of the KLR. Forget the dinner; go get brakes for that thing.
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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