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Dirt Revivalism: Yossef On The New XT660

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Re: Dirt Revivalism: Yossef Gets Down With The New XT660

Ha! first post. It'll be nice to see these sell. Not anough of this breed out there....
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Not what I'd buy, but if I were in the market for a KLR650, I'd definitely give it a look.

Just wish it weren't so heavy.. 380 dry, I think that's even more than a KLR wet.

What I would buy doesn't exist, but it would be something like a new version of Hondas XR-L series. The motor and frame from the XR650R, e-start, overdrive 6 speed, w/ wet weight of 315. It could be Hondas answer to the DRZ-S.
I wouldn't worry about that. Suzuki seems to have its corporate head on straight re: their DS lineup.

Between DRZ400, DR650 and Vstrom they have their bases covered, and the 650 sits perfectly in the middle. I'd like to see higher end longer travel susp. on it though.

1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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