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Dirt Revivalism: Yossef On The New XT660

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Re: Dirt Revivalism: Yossef Gets Down With The New XT660

Ha! first post. It'll be nice to see these sell. Not anough of this breed out there....
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You're right dd. 380 llbs. dry is rldiculously heavy for a single, (especially one that pretends to have dirt aspirations) in this day and age where 1000cc sport bikes have lower claimed dry weights. That and the lack of traditional low end pulling power makes you wonder what Yamaha was thinking. VWW
With all of that weight they probably figured it would fall over if it were'nt balanced by the twin exhausts.

Seriously though it probably has something to do with some european decible threshold. VWW
Was the use of rune a clever double entendre, or just a typo? VWW
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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