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No easy answer but I will say that cars have become entertainment centers on wheels. Drivers in this country blissfully spend their time talking and watching news while driving and acting as if their actions do not matter since they're so busy talking on the cell. I am constantly concerned when I'm driving my truck with inattentive drivers nearly running into me. When on the bike, I have assumed they don't see me at all and that they will pull in front of me at any second. It has happened before and will happen again but I've been prepared. Law enforcement seems oblivious other to an reactionary role just blaming the bike for being on the road at all. Motorbikes are second class citizens on America's highway and streets and since riders don't have sufficient political or economic clout to change that bias, it will fall onto the rider to have the ability and skill to negotiate the complete lack of public concern for the motorcyclist. Hopefully, we can get the AMA to put more pressure on the training of cagers to be aware of motorcyclists as well as the gradual reduction of these attention reducing activities that are taken for granted in today's driving environment. Take care and be safe.
1 - 1 of 92 Posts
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