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Distracted Driving

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I blame Harley.
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They don't have cups in Europe either. So there.
A Harely guy has sport bike buddies? Yeah, right. How about situational awareness instead of pissing off all the world with obnoxious noise? I say, ban Harelys and their stupid loud pipes. Maybe if you could ride worth a darn you would see what was going on around you.

Key term - "Here in South Florida" Red necks and nearly dead abound.
AFAIK careless driving is an offense in all jurisdictions.
You drop your bike and lose consciousness every day when you ride?! That's got to kill your insurance premium.
Re: Prepare for Incoming Rash of ****

Well if you want to hear the wierdest "sorry, I didn't see you" story, that is exactly what I heard from the 16 yr old who hit me head-on when he pulled out to pass a car that slowed on the approach to a railway crossing. My response would be moderated out of existance - let's just say I wasn't pleased! Fortunately nobody was supposed to get hurt that night. Unfortunately my bike was a total-loss. The guy was obviously in training for when he is old enough to take to a cage...
Just kill her- hunt her down like the sow she is. What does the fact she was wearing scrubs have to do with anything? I don't give a rip if she was wearing nothing or a nun's habit. If she is a doctor she should be doubly ashamed for leaving the scene.

Get a private lawyer and make her pay and pay and pay. You did get her license number,didn't you?
No, they just set a bucketful of Beer in the floorboard between their feet, and drink from their cupped hands..............
Thanks for confirming my suspicion that somebody would find it unbelievable that not all riders think you have to despise other riders because they happen to ride a bike that's different from theirs. My sport bike buddies feel exactly the same way as I do, so you'll have to ban them for their loud pipes too. I've been riding for over 30 years. I'll meet you on the track any day. You're actually right on one point: ******** and bluehairs are all over the place here. Another great reason to make sure they hear me coming. "Situational awareness" great for me, how about the a-hole who changes lanes into my bike? Raising his situational awareness is exactly what I'm trying to do. Thanks for making my point for me!
I've seen it all.

Here's just a short list of distraction problems I've seen while riding here in Arizona.

1. Two teenage guys with one teen girl in a car with the girl having sex with the guy across the front seat with the driver trying to watch them and not the road.

2. A pickup driver making an illegal lane change too busy watching the 18 wheeler she cut off to realize the almost ran over me.

3. Talking on the cell phone, every day.

4. Looking at GPS every other day.

5. Eating

6. Reading a newspaper

7. Putting on makeup

8. Looking for something.

9. etc.

10. etc.
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they don't have to buy 'em, just build them
It's Mulholland, she only plays one on TV.
He was joking.
I wasn't. Frankly, the anti-HD posters on this site get old after a while. Makes me wonder what their malfunction is. To paraphrase Will Rogers: "I never met a motorcycle I didn't like."
Yeah, but first they need electricity.
Yeah, true, another law saying the same thing over as existing laws isn't the answer. Not that that has ever stopped politicians from continuing to pass them.

Our culture basically is an enabler to inattentive driving and it was frustrating to me that even a gesture wasn't made towards the problem.
In Europe, beer rains from the skies and they just open the sunroofs and let the Happy Happy In!
What about Pee Wee Herman's?
Re: I've seen it all.

You missed my all time favorite: Doing a crossword puzzle.
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