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Distracted Driving

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I blame Harley.
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They can sneak into South Korea and steal some, the shifty bastards....
****in-A right, that stuff tastes horrible when it's mushy.
Re: I've seen it all.

I saw a DWA the other day playing a video game on a lap top propped against the windshield
And you only get one spoon for your entire life. If you lose it, you have to eat everything from your hands for the rest of your life. No soup for you!
Re: I've seen it all.

Re: I've seen it all.

Haven't seen that one yet, but I'm sure the day will come when I do.
Did he have a motorcycle? I remember the bike from Big Top. Any motorcycle is better than any car. Even Prince's.
Well yeah...some harley riders even own sportbikes. How's that fit your myopic world view?
And it's hard as hell to get off the inside of a windshield and off the dashboard. Not to mention how badly it sticks to airbags.............
Re: I've seen it all.

Probably World of Warcraft...
Re: I've seen it all.

I have to admit, I didnt see this personally, but a coworker swears he saw a car on the DC beltway with the driver beating the Hell out of the guy in the passenger seat with his right hand while driving with his left.
One time I went grocery shopping and left a gallon of milk in the back of my car. It was June or July.

The gallon of milk exploded and soaked the carpets and seats of the car. It was a long summer...I was forced to inhale great lusty lungfulls of rotten milk stench well into the fall.

I got to the point when I used to look forward to my friends asking me: "What the hell is that smell?"

I felt the need to share that. I don't know why.

Carry on.
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Prince had a motorcycle? Was it as fuzzy as my recollection of it?

Re: Prepare for Incoming Rash of ****

F-ing hilarious! I just spit coffee all over my desk.

BTW, does your username relate directly to this story or is that another good story that you would be willing to share?

Re: I've seen it all.

See now there's Democracy in action
Re: I've seen it all.

I may be revealing too much about my misspent youth but I myself have been known to drop a roach or two in my lap. No, my real name isn't "Cheech".

Man am I glad the statute of limitations is up.
Yeah, could you back that up, was trying to use my speed dialer....
That's not Beer.........
Nothing tastes as bad as them damn suppositories I borrowed from my Uncle.
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