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Distracted Driving

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I blame Harley.
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It was Purple, and he left it out in the Rain a lot. When it started rusting, he cried like a Dove.............
.........well, not Beer anymore
Re: I've seen it all.

That is an excellent time to be wearing pants.
I can relate to that - had this friend, HIS car started smellin' like that - like somebody had upchucked in it. Couldn't stand to be in the car with the windows up. Turned out, somebody had left a piece of cheese-pizza under one of the seats (likely on-purpose!).

Muthfutha! Did that ever Reek..........
Roger that! I was super happy when I had my 02 Honda VFR and the '77 FXS. I had to sell the FXR to a friend, but occasionally I swap bikes with my buddy and co-worker who has a Honda 954RR. It's a blast for both of us; we get to go from one extreme to the other. There's nothing like the feel of a sub 10 second 1/4 mile, and there's nothing like the feel of cruising down the road on a solid mount, pushrod v-twin. It's all good!
Re: I've seen it all.

"No, my real name isn't 'Cheech'."

Hey! Speak for Yourself! What's wrong with "Creech"?

No, wait. That's MY name.........


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Re: I've seen it all.

It was the right call as the anti-Harley crowd is pretty light today.

I'll throw in a "crappy Buell motor" comment later.

I actually had a neighbor who couldn't figure out why he kept crashing his bike. It seemed he had an abnormal occurrence rate of things just happening "out of nowhere." He later discovered he had been suffering from sleep apnea for years and was falling asleep while riding! And yes his premiums sucked. He later got some gizmo that allowed him to sleep through the night, but his riding still sucked. He finally gave up (on riding, not sleeping.)
Nah, no real relation. Actually, my family history has to do with spoiled milk (cheese).

Lucky for me the dairy farm ended with my old man. My favorite stories growing up had to do with the many flavorful diseases of dairy cows. My father used to tell me stuff that would make you taste chili dogs you ate three years ago. I mean, DAMN, how many diseases can one bovine suffer?

The best part of all his stories would be the clinical analysis of the experience. Total staight man stuff. "So there I was, slathering on more Bag Balm when the stiches let loose..."

Cows have character. They aren't overly bright, but when they escaped my father's job was to go "catch" them. The best part of a bovine is they think- rather logical, frankly- if they can't see you then you can't see them.

Unfortunately when they are hiding behind a tree it is rather obvious to see the remaining 2/3 of a Holstein. You have to love a species that does something like that. At least I do.

My grandfather called a recalcitrant cow " a damned cheesebeast, nothing more."

Hence, I will be (and a few cats I have had over the years) forever more....Cheesebeast.

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I have all the loudness levels covered ( Sv1000 w/ a race system, SRX6 with a pipe so loud it sounds like an open, and a stock vfr) and I don't notice any appreciable difference between bikes in how often I'm treated as an apparition. Unless, that is, I'm at least even with them or a little ahead of them and going the same direction so my muffler is in their window. I don't see how a pipe is going to help when they are ahead of me waiting to turn left in front of me.
I thought that was the "If I don't move you can't see me" factor.
I've seen on more than one occasion someone pull out in front of emergency vehicles with lights blazing and sirens screaming, and there I sit in my Hi-Viz 'stich thinking "oh yeah, they're all gonna see me." DUH!
Actually, Cap'n F'in Crunch takes about 4 hours to get soggy in milk. Scotch, however, will speed up the process considerably.
Deer believe that, much to their detriment. At least the YOUNG bucks do.

Cows- at least dairy cows- don't. They know when they are being stalked by a two footed "predator".
I have been taking notes.

Four hours in milk, faster in scotch...

How about biodiesel?
A motorcycle cop in Tacoma I think was hit by car turning a left in front of him (classic scenario right). Any way he had his lights and siren on.. I'll see if I can find the article.
What the AMA should be doing

[*] Support a cell phone ban while driving (Women in SUVs and minvans are the biggest offenders

[*] No DVDs, video ipods in the front seat

[*] Increased penalties for hitting motorcycles and causing injury or death

Good post jthurber80
I support a ban on cell phones, front seat video, and other distractions, but I am afraid that it may not be possible to legislate away the flagrant stupidity which has become endemic to driving in this coutry. It seems to be getting worse, though, and some of my pleasure in riding is diminished by the need for increased vigilance for a new set of hazards. My hope is that as motorcycling grows as a method of transportation vs transportainment people will be forced to become more aware of us on the road.
This is a rather sad cultural phenomenon and is as much about callous, self-centeredness, as it is about distraction. Government and its police agencies have already resigned themselves to it not being responsive to enforcement efforts. The ship of state is taking on water! Unfortunately, there is no "new world" to emigrate to.
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