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Do Loud Pipes on Motorcycles Save Lives? CA Biker Lawyer Thinks So!

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Passed the bar eh?
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Re: Excellent post!

The sacrifices we make for our sport, those skinny boys don't realize the safety factor of extra road hugging weight.

Those wrap around grip warmers take the

'comfort zone" down another 10F+ easy...
It's faster and better, you know you want one already already. Your life won't be complete until you can take one for a spin through some twisties, at least. May be the last year anybody makes sporting V-Twins and all. MO's test will be the best. More details to follow.
Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

It doesn't take much of an excuse to pull the bike into the old living room/garage already. Where is that old Star Trek ornament? Couple of branches, some tinsel, a black light... some Rum or Scotch and I'm good! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Re: Excellent post!

81F. Don't hate on me cause I'm warm... and have rode 2K+ in the last month.
Re: Excellent post!

I was "old school" about it forever, ridin' ain't for weenies and all but... now any time it's in the 60's I'm packin' em. They just take a sec to install. The cold/rain/winds weed out the posers (OK, maybe wiser, safer, whatever) already. You can still be "that Crazy Guy on a bike in this weather"... comfortably.

There is also a safety factor, slow movin' fingers don't help in dealing with the still wacky cages, you know of which I speak.

I always try to go to Bike Night when it rains. Thins out those I'm not interested in talking about bikes with anyways.
Hey! I bribed you to get in! Just because I haven't paid up yet doesn't mean I won't! I am a proud GPTB member if not full-fledged (sniff, sniff, sob)!? I thought the only REAL requirement was not being KPaul.

If you think the rest of us don't feel slighted by not being included in KPaul's Holy Trinity of GPTB members you better think again, Mister!
Ya but we don't get the shout out like longride, seruzawa and Buzglyd do before a GPTB rant, they must just do a better job. I can't be the only one upset by our marginalization.
Re: Excellent post!

So you're missing out on that whole foreign Country/adventure thing? We just point at what we want and hold out a hand full of cash, we sometimes get change back even!
Re: Excellent post!

BEEOUGHTCHE!, Are you Sean's Bud? If so I don't want to hear it. Either way, you are So Cal and can ride real MC roads whenever.

The 'turns" we got to play with are so friggin' dangerous if trying to deal some speed that if there were alternatives within 500 miles some would choose them.

Point, Shoot, Jam Brakes, Throw, repeat... when not trying to hold 60+MPH through a RR s-turn.

Got laughs out of some of your other replies, thanks.
Re: More Nonsense...

Kinda glanced through before, didn't look right. The formula for kinetic energy is KE=MV2 or mass times velocity squared. There is no halving of anything.

I'll never believe you were just looking to see if anyone would catch that. Don't sweat it though, we all make mistakes.
1 - 15 of 152 Posts
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