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Do Loud Pipes on Motorcycles Save Lives? CA Biker Lawyer Thinks So!

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Passed the bar eh?
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Doesn't matter.

Sorry but loud pipes will not make a difference until we have some real penalties for bad driving.

I just got a brand new Mazda 3 a week ago.

On Friday night I got rear ended. My wife was STOPPED at a red light when a 17 year old kid plowed into us an a cloud of rubber from his locked up breaks.

Had I been on my bike or or if we had been crossing that intersection I would bet on us not being alive.

His excuse was he was not paying attention.

If you drive anything and don't pay attention you will kill someone someday.

It is as simple as that. We need to have real driving schools for drivers. I would also ban radio and all cell phone use while driving for people with less than two years experience driving.

If you can miss a big RED cage and a red light then you can miss loud pipes.
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1 - 1 of 152 Posts
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