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Do Loud Pipes on Motorcycles Save Lives? CA Biker Lawyer Thinks So!

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Passed the bar eh?
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If he worked for Goodyear, he'd be Vulcanizing......

At least he's not out VTX-ing or M109R-ing.
He went to KPaul's Alma Mater.


Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills

The Equation is:


I thought you were an Engineer?
Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills

Remember; I'm an Uneducated, Illiterate IDIOT.
Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills


Oh, and I forgot to add:

KE - is Kinetic Energy (in Joules)

m - is mass (in Kilos)

v - is velocity (in meters/second)

This Equation only works using metric units of measure.

I would have to sit and work out one for use in mph and pounds, and it would be needlessly complex (as I'm no Mathematician - I have to work stuff through backward, I can't "see" the numbers).

Far simpler to convert SAE units to Metric and work the equation through that way.
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It would have degenerated into a "loud-pipes" thread anyway. Or a Political Thread........(are you VIOLET? Or are you MAGENTA?)
Excellent use of HTML/Editing skills!
Re: Not true

If you have to converts something, then the Equation doesn't work for SAE, does it?
Re: Not true

Whoops! Fumbly fingers!
Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

Like you've never done that with a bike.........

I have.
Re: Not true

What's the Dark Matter like in the universe you hail from?

Have you yet to lose an argument with a wall?

Or, do you call them "wins" when the wall's interest lags?

Have you yet come to the realization that you're expostulating Physics with a Certified Buffoon(tm), in a Web-based Forum dedicated to Motorcycling?

Since we're splitting hairs here; the Kilo is a unit of "Passive Gravitational Mass", or WEIGHT in layman's terms.

The Newton is a unit of "Inertial Mass", or FORCE (comparable -- but not equal to -- lb-ft (or variously ft-lb); the SAE unit of force).

You know how to Google - look it up. I'm sure it's on Wikipedia, or some Teacher has a website on Mass somewhere. Just make sure you don't quote from


Gotta go now, Crack don't smoke itself..............
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I'm the founding member of the TPTB, or Thinning-hair Pony-Tailed Brotherhood.

I'm not just the President; I'm also a Client!

I have to be my own, I guess:

I'm one O' them "longhairs", but I don't ride a Cruiser, Don't ride a "fold 'em up" Sportbike (nekkid and part-faired Standards), and my hair has yet to turn gray (but these last few days at work are takin' their toll!).
I cleared out the Shop at an NH3 Refrigeration Class one time, don't 'member what it was that caused it; probably Italian food (pasta, beef, tomato sauce and cheese - MMMM-MM!).

It was so bad, the Instructor turned on the Emergency Ventilation to evacuate the noxious fumes (it helped - a little).

Hell No, I didn't admit to that one (should've though!).
How many at one time? I mean, if that Christian Pfieffer cat can do the things he does with a bike, SURELY this guy can do two at once, right?
Re: I had such high hopes for you but... weight vs mass

Yeah, on the Moon an 85 Kilo Astronaut weighs only ~15 Kilos......
LOL good one
Re: Difference between men and women......

It's ALWAYS about another couple of inches, iddnit?
Was it a Lifeflight? Might have finished-off the patient........
Is his first name Carmichael?
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