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Do Loud Pipes on Motorcycles Save Lives? CA Biker Lawyer Thinks So!

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Passed the bar eh?
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You can put it over the wife's head when she's talking to much.

The next best thing to a MUTE button.
Maybe he was out Marauding.

Better than Intruding.
From his website:

While driving riding your motorcycle, you were hit by a car. You bike is totaled and you have suffered serious injuries. Now what?

While driving riding...You bike is totaled. I guess he did not do to well in English class while he was in law school.
I would think that having loud pipes must make a motorcyclist somewhat more noticeable in most situations. Some bikes are so loud that I can hear them before they're anywhere near me while I'm driving down the road! But, I can't help but think that when you ride a motorcycle, you take the risk into consideration and then you accept that risk. If you have to break the law, make your bike so loud that it's truly annoying to others (possibly an understatement), and basically have little consideration for others, all for the sake of feeling safer on the road, then I say you're not ready to take the risk of riding on the road. As much as I hate to admit this, riding on the road is a privilege, not a right (I think I got that legally correct). So, I wish other motorcyclists would remember that because I don't want my privileges revoked.
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"...guess he did not do to well in English class while he was in law school."

too well

If he worked for Goodyear, he'd be Vulcanizing......

At least he's not out VTX-ing or M109R-ing.
He went to KPaul's Alma Mater.


Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

Just in time to park it in the living room and use it as a Xmas tree. May as well get some use out of it.
Excellent post!

Good use of facts/data.
I guess that this shyster will be the safest guy on earth with his loud pipes and 15-under-the-speed-limit riding style... 'cause, you know, speed kills!

Wait a second. That would make cruisers, not sportbikes, the safest bikes in the world! Sportbikes = fast = deathtrap = you WILL die while riding one. Cruiser = noisy = slow = safest bike = you will live forever.

P.S. How are my internet skills? Annoying enough?
I don't know about where you live, but here in Houston, honking your horn is taboo. If you honk your horn, or beep your motorcycle horn, and your life is not in immediate peril, then it soon will be.

Beeping just to say "I'm here, please don't change lanes, pull out of that driveway, etc. right now" is as good as saying "please shoot me."
Excellent Post
As long as you can find Google and Wikipedia on the internet you can be an expert on everything.
Re: Excellent post!

Rode in this morning, 37 degrees and dry with my gen-u-ine Triumph fleece pullover under neath and was warm as toast.

I think it's a Darwinian thing, if you live in a cold wet climate and want to ride all year, you develop (after years of Guinness consumption)

a layer of subcutaneous insulation around you vital organs and a closet full of Polar-Tec garments to wear under your riding suit.

That way you stay warm without all the fuss and bother of plugging in electric garments.
More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills

You should be on Faux News. Nice try but still wrong.

Some facts and data for the Weasels.

[*]Cruisers can go fast

[*]He didn't say he rides slow, that was your assertion

[*]Sportbikes vs Cruisers safety: If driven within all traffic laws a Sportbike is safer. It is more agile and has better brakes

[*]One more time: Speed is a major factor in accidents because of two things reaction time and a geometric increase in kinetic energy for every increase in speed

Seruzawa go do the homework I suggested. Calling me names like Kook or distorting the facts doesn't change the laws of physics. Ke=1/2*v*v

Kinectic energy increases with the square of the velocity (speed). More kinetic energy more damage. Let it go and just admit I am right. You are starting to look pathetic.
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Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills

The Equation is:


I thought you were an Engineer?
Re: Excellent post!

The sacrifices we make for our sport, those skinny boys don't realize the safety factor of extra road hugging weight.

Those wrap around grip warmers take the

'comfort zone" down another 10F+ easy...
Sweet Jeebus, another loud pipes thread...

And here I was hoping for a first report on the Ducati 1098, apparently MO wasn't invited to the intro?
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