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Do Loud Pipes on Motorcycles Save Lives? CA Biker Lawyer Thinks So!

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Passed the bar eh?
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Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills

Correction Ke=1/2*v*v*m



Ke=kinetic energy
Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills

Yes I forgot mass. Glad to see that you did your homework. You get an A and seruzawa gets an F and one demerit for name calling.
Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills

Remember; I'm an Uneducated, Illiterate IDIOT.
Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills

I never said that. Abe Lincoln (probably our greatest president) had no formal education. Sounds like you are intelligent to me.
Well I posted 3 articles last night. They picked this one sorry. I just thought is was wild this lawyer was saying it. But Fenton made a great point its marketing by him.

My other post was about the Ducati 848... And that the 1098 was voted most beautiful bike at a cycle show.

How long do you think it will be before he sells his Ninja? After all, Speed Kills! The only way to be safe is to walk everywhere.

Oh yes, and the next time there's a tsunami we'd better send all aid by boat instead of cargo plane. Speed kills, you know. It'll be better if the help shows up in a couple of weeks instead of a few hours/days.
Re: More Nonsense.. Fact: Speed kills


Oh, and I forgot to add:

KE - is Kinetic Energy (in Joules)

m - is mass (in Kilos)

v - is velocity (in meters/second)

This Equation only works using metric units of measure.

I would have to sit and work out one for use in mph and pounds, and it would be needlessly complex (as I'm no Mathematician - I have to work stuff through backward, I can't "see" the numbers).

Far simpler to convert SAE units to Metric and work the equation through that way.
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It's faster and better, you know you want one already already. Your life won't be complete until you can take one for a spin through some twisties, at least. May be the last year anybody makes sporting V-Twins and all. MO's test will be the best. More details to follow.
It would have degenerated into a "loud-pipes" thread anyway. Or a Political Thread........(are you VIOLET? Or are you MAGENTA?)
Not true

"This Equation only works using metric units of measure. "

Not true.

You only need to convert the english unit of weight of pound to the English unit for mass the slug

It will work for English Units.
Excellent use of HTML/Editing skills!
Re: Not true

If you have to converts something, then the Equation doesn't work for SAE, does it?
Re: Not true

Whoops! Fumbly fingers!
Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

Like you've never done that with a bike.........

I have.
Re: Not true

No the equation asks for mass not weight a subtle but important difference. Slug is the English unit for mass kg is the metric unit for mass. Pound is the English unit for weight and the Newton is the metric unit for weight

So the equation will work for English units
Re: Excellent post!

Have a ball, dude! It's 19 degrees here with snowpack and ice on the roads. The GSXG and the ZREX aren't going anywhere until spring.

Might try the DR400...... If I can get my hands to thaw out enough to reassemble it, put on a light kit and get the danged thing registered.
I did that with my wife's old CB125 a few years back. The guy at the vehicle inspection place didn't like it. I made him look it up in the book. He had to certify it.
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