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Do Loud Pipes on Motorcycles Save Lives? CA Biker Lawyer Thinks So!

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Passed the bar eh?
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Re: Excellent post!

One the oil rig where I used to pretend to work, we said "Have a nice day." but it meant the same thing.
LOL good one
You are mixing apples and oranges again. One more explanation

Wrong he has the same mass in kg but weighs (using the strict definition) different in Newtons. Go back and read your homework assignment again. Lets review

Mass and weight are different see this link

An Astronaut has the same mass of 69 kg on the moon and the earth but his weight on earth is = 676.2 Newtons

On the moon he weighs 111.573 Newtons
Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

I live in Portland which has similar seasons to Seattle, and most of the sport riders here gride pretty much year round. If we stayed home for the rain we'd never get. On the other hand my boss rides a Harley most of the year, and he told me a story about him driveing (yes driving) to a monthly HOG meeting, arrived to see about 3 bikes and many cars in the parking lot and walked inside to see about 120 guys in leather jackets and Chaps!


Portland, where rain is just liquid sunshine....
Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

I have a friend who lives in Salem, and, maybe because he was brought up in California, making concessions to the weather was just not done. "Hot?" "Of course it will Hot! Suck it up, man!" of course, this means you can be pretty darn sure the road will be dry eight months out of the year. He got addicted to the adrenalin rush of getting right at the limit of a good tire's adhesion, and not worrying about a wet spot on the road. He and the lunatics that he rides with are the only sport bikers I know in the state.
I rode in a helicopter with a guy who made such a lethal one that the pilot had his head out the window for a while. What that guy's body did to food was just....wrong.
Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

I can't claim to be a 'true' sport rider as I ride a VFR800, but there are plenty of bikes commuting in winter here. Gerbing sell a lot of stuff, and the rest of us just layer up and end up looking like the Michelin Man

"I am a real biker, and a real California Biker and Motorcycle Lawyer."

I guess that about says it for his skills in law, english and motorcycling.
Re: Difference between men and women......

It's ALWAYS about another couple of inches, iddnit?
Was it a Lifeflight? Might have finished-off the patient........
Is his first name Carmichael?
Well, so long as no-one gets hurt!

It's all fun and games 'til someone Losses an Eye....

Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

I live near Tacoma and ride year round as do a lot of people. KP's a light weight
Houston, you have a problem.
Re: Difference between men and women......

So.... she's a size queen?
Re: He should talk to longride about wearing a full face helmet

Yeah, we're kind of in that part of the year when Sportecs don't seem like the smartest tire choice, and everyone has to recalibrate their expectations on a ride. A friend of mine switches over to his elderly BMW from his nearly new ST4, and figures that stuff will start to drag before he exceeds the limits of the New Reality. We live with it for four or five months, you guys, I would guess eight or nine. I'm thinking of going to the Metzler M-3 next time I buy tires, which might help a little (much deeper grooves), but basically, we have to take on a different mentality this time of year. Thinking back, this is the time of year when I've had most of my crashes, not adjusting mentally quick enough to changing conditions. It's a tradeoff, I suppose. The folks in San Diego, except during El Nino's, can count on dry roads maybe 90% of the time, the people up North 25 or 30%. My friend just doesn't ride much, because he can't go all out like he loves to, but I really don't know if he's 'hard core' because he won't comprimise by running harder rubber, or you guys that ride year round are the true 'hard core' because you ride all year, albiet at somewhat more sedate speeds. Maybe just different symptoms of the same disease.
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Us Californian's are free to lane split any time we want to, but I think you're nuts if you do it while traffic is moving. People see an openining and go for it, and if you happen to be in their blind spot, the resulting carnage may technically your fault, but guess who's gonna get hurt/killed? When everything is stopped, it's the best thing since sliced bread. When the light changes, or the blockage is cleared, you should be ahead of the enormous clot of cars that have built up. And, I think that's what the law was intended for--to reward people who use little fuel per passenger/mile and have a small footprint. The best way to prevent people from changing lanes into you is to stay in the part of the lane which makes you most visible, usually the left. I'll take good sense over a good lawyer any time.
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