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Do You Choose Right Tires for Motorcycles?

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Tires are always overlooked, though they are the most important parts of a motorcycle. Do you choose right tires for your motorcycle? What should be concerned about your choice? Generally, two factors account for it.
Abrasive resistance.
The tires made from soft materials can bring large tractions, but they are abraded badly; while tires made from hard materials may reduce abrasive effect, but probably with small tractions. Besides, different driving styles could affect the tires' abrasion.
Tires' specification
Many motorcycle drivers like to choose big-sized and flat tires for their motorcycles. Actually, it needs a second thought, for the size of a tire should meet the cleaning possibilities of other parts such as motorcycle fenders and suspension workpieces. Moreover, the size of tires designed for a motor has been tested for many times by the producer and it must be the ideal size for your motor. And any random choices on tire size may have an opposite effect on your motor.
Therefore, more considerations should be taken on choice of motor tires and other motorcycle parts.
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