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Doc Martens 2A42Z Feedback

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After some unfortunate first hand experience crashing in Doc Marten lace-ups, I can tell you that they WILL hold up to whatever abuse a street crash can dish out. However, if you have the money, buy a pair of RedWings. The quality is better, they will last longer, and at least in my case, they are more comfortable.
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I have a pair of Doc's steel toes that I used to wear riding to work. The biggest complaint I had was that the toe on the stupid things was so tall, it made it hard to shift. I adjusted the shifter, and then it felt goofy with my normal riding boots. Oh, and I completely agree with the comment on Red Wing boots. In my honest opinion, they are the best all purpose boots you can buy (and it will cost you).
I just want to let you know how grateful I am for those wallpaper-sized shots of know they're going to be my desktop background from now on. woohoo!
Steel toed boots are the best way to chop off your toes in a fall. Just ask any emergency room doc whose had to inform his motorcycle patient that he now sports a shoe size two sizes smaller.

I have no idea why anyone would want new boots that allready have a hole in them, waddya want to show off the steel toe or something? me?
These boots look stupid! Kinda like acid-washed jeans...
Let's see: Toe-severing steel box, no upper padding in the bony ankle area, a hole already worn through the toe. Sounds like a wise investment for a fool's money.

Now, just for fun, go out in the garage, get a ball peen hammer and smack one of them ankle bones. No cost and all the pain. Quite a deal.
I got some steel elbow inserts for my fringed arm chaps and I thought that was cool. I never thought of the "exposed steel" look though. Gotta get the grinder out, or fall asleep in the gutter again and have the raccoons gnaw a hole in the elbow. Then I can get the steel inserts for the knees and shoulder, a set of these boots, and go for that Mad Max look. I will RULE Tuesday bike night at the bar!
Best riding boots I ever had were my issue combat boots. They lasted through more crap than you can shake a stick at, went through two re-soleings before they gave up the ghost. I replaced them with a new pair 10 years ago and they're still going strong on the first re-soling.

Plus they don't have the gum soles that melt if you accidentally put your foot against the exhaust pipe.
Do the steel inserts in your armchaps match the steel plate in your skull, from all those years of helmetless riding?
Now there's an idea! Grind a hole in my skull to expose the steel plate. Nice tip!
You hang around the local biker bar with the steel inserts in all your gear showing, plus the exposed steel plate in your head, and it is pretty likely that no Highwayman wannabe is gonna f#ck with you! Not even if you chose to ride that Kawasaki atrocity cycle.

That would really set off that Max Max, post apocalypse, rat-bike look. Surprised nobody thought of it before.

I had the same issue with the steel-toed Red Wings I had to wear on the cement-plant construction site I worked at a few years ago. Between the heavy Vibram (tm) sole and the thick toe box, making quick gearchanges on my Ducati was a challenge. After trying it a few days, I started leaving my work boots at the site and changing after I got there.

Probably would have been just fine on a cruiser, and maybe on my old BMW, but didn't work for sh!t on the Duc.

Otherwise, they are great boots and last forever.

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Just remember to avoid getting too near any power lines or microwave ovens.
Well, don't forget that these are made by the Brits.

Maybe they're a big hit amongst British soccer fans.
I have never been in the military, so excuse my ignorance on this, but are the type you are describing the same kind that are available at an Army surplus store? How much is a pair?
Does anyone ACTUALLY know someone who had their toes cut off from wearing steel-toe boots? Not know someone who knew someone, who's brother had it happen to them, or read about some guy in the paper. I mean actually personally know the person it happened to. I just can't see how this could happen in a motorcycle accident where the person wouldn't end up losing their foot anyway.
Yeah man, stay away from them micro-waves with a steel plate in your head, it'll make you ***** your pants and forget who you are for half an hour. Or so I've heard.
I bought my first pair of Docs(1880s) the standard eight-eye boots, in the Spring of 1994.

I still wear them, and they are fine.

But recently, Doc Martens lost their military contract, and some frinds of mine claim that the quality is not quite there on the more recent examples. Still good boots, but not 8- or 10- or 12-year boots anymore.

I'll worry about it when mine shows signs of wear.
I've got one better. The G.I. boots are inexpensive (relatively), but I have found a vastly superior (and BDU compliant) alternative...

HiTec Magnum "Storm" boots are lace-up, padded ankle, vibram soled, and WATERPROOF (with "sympatex" lining)!

They cost $99 at the Navy Exchange.

Yeah, they are military/police looking, but I'd imagine someone could figure out how to chrome them.

I ride my Sprint ST to work at the base, and the boots are supremely comfortable, and are no problem shifting.

Only negative is the shifter scuffmark on the toe.
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