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Doctor says no riding for three months!

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Had a second surgery to fix my right arm last Wednesday. I suffered a "comminuted" fracture of the radius four years ago when I had a head-on with an out-of-control Subaru on the Dragon.

Dr. is very happy with the results, and is confident I'll be as good as old in a while.

But, he doesn't want me on a bike for three months!

So, I beseech you warriors of the road to post epic, novel, short story or snippet-length tales of travels made. Thusly I can stay connected, however tenuously, to my favorite hobby.
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We rode the Kawi Conster over to this kid named Cain's house to get my son's bathing suit. He left it there a couple of weeks ago. It was GREAT!

Hope that helps.
Need me to keep your bikes' seals well lubed up while you're off?
While on hiatus

Read the travelogue Roadshow by Neal Peart. An excellent story. I was in Joshua Tree last weekend circling around down through Julian. Heat was hot. Scenery was beautiful.People were wonderfully pleasant.Good luck with your recovery.
Might I recommend:

One Man Caravan by Robert Fulton. (Ride around the World. On an Enfield. In the early 1930's)

The Longest Ride by Emilio Scotto ('Cuz that man wore-out a Crap-lot O' Tyres!)

Total Control by Lee Parks ('Cuz ya' gotta keep yer chops up! Whether Cruiser or Sport or Standard......)

Sport-Riding Techniques by Nick Ienatsch (Same Reason!)

Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson (an inside-look at how to get the shyte beat out of you - or avoid it, if yer smart)

Hell's Angel by Ralph "Sonny" Barger (an inside look at how one guy sez the previous-title is total B.S. and the author is a Wanker - well, it's kinda interestin'!)

Life Is a Road, the Soul Is a Motorcycle by Daniel B. Meyer ('Cuz you need a good laugh!)

Leanings and Leanings 2 by Peter Egan (Good-God Man! It's flippin' Peter Egan for Craps-sake!)

One Good Run: The Legend of Burt Munro by Tim Hanna (*****'s! From Down Unda'! Goin' REAL FAST!)

John Britten by Tim Hanna ('Cuz nobody really knows WTF went through that man's mind. Get it off Tim's site - he'll even autograph it for you!)
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The wife gave me some snazzy Joe Rocket gloves for my birthday on Sunday.:cool:
I rode my friend Christine's Sporster (with the 1200 conversion, cam, S-n-S, SE Stage 1, cam) back from the shop to her house at lunch today. F'er screams for a Harley, goes 120 in a heartbeat. She's all "medicated" on some heavy duty stuff, can hardly talk or talk, let alone ride. Won't give me any.
I finished my Apey Hanger conversion on Thursday. I picked up a used 4 over clutch cable for $10. from my bud at a local shop. It looked like sh*t though because it was way too long so I wound up re-routing my stock cable and using it. I rode to work Friday with no front brake just like the old spool hub springer days. Friday afternoon I stopped at the shop and had them fill and vacuum bleed my front brake, I told John the owner I'd give him the cable back because I didn't need it, he said cool, we'll call it good on the bleed..the deal was made, sealed with a handshake in true biker fashion..(sorry, a little "highwayman" there..)

I brought the cable back.
Need me to keep your bikes' seals well lubed up while you're off?

I dunno if it's the pharmaceuticals or not, but I think you made me blush!

But y'know, if I figured there was half a chance you'd call me later...

Sarnaliduece, you always have had a little "provocateur" in ya...

While we're on the subject, we lost a lot of personalites in the shift, don't ya think? Some - good riddance. But there are several I miss. ALLCAPS, JB to name a couple.
i hear you dude.. mine is down with a timing issue that i still can't seem to lick. i think that might be worse.. only thing keeping me off the road is my "not as good as i remember" wrench skills..

Sarnaliduece, you always have had a little "provocateur" in ya...
Yes it's my literary bent...can't help it I'm afraid, while I'm thundering down the road on True American Steel, Heavy black leather boots thrust forward on the highway pegs, Soiled deerskin gloves wrapped around the bars in a muscular iron fisted grip, I just can't help thinking of all the Rightious Partyin' Bros who've traveled this road before me....

Brings a little tear of Manly Pride to my eyes.....

...there's this guy Quba in Denmark who's havin' a wee bitta trouble gettin' started on the whole motorcycle thing. Got the cobling down pat but he's having trouble with the clicks and stuff--maybe you can jet over there and help 'im out. Three months oughta be enough time. Maybe.
Nah, Colonel Sarnali gave him some solid advice, he should be all set.
At first I thought it was a joke, but he sent me a message. If he's for real I'm going to try to get him to look for a club or something. I have enough blood on my hands from the war years...
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