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I am very happy with my roadcrafter one piece. You should read the recent review by Gabe and all of the posts to it regarding the Aerostitch. In the San Joaquin Valley it is regularly 100+ degrees for most of the summer and I prefer mesh or perf leather for that, but from Oct to May I wear the stitch. I use a Gerbing Jacket liner and am comfotable down into the 20s with the suit and some polyproplyene underwear. I always keep my wallet in the outer front leg pocket and have ridden for miles in the rain and fog without it getting wet, so I am not sure why you think the pockets on the stitch are not waterproof. My main gripe is the venting sucks, but at the heat levels I have to deal with, mesh is the only thing with any reasonable comfort. Also, do not buy turns pink after a few years and you will have to deal with countless girly jokes.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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