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I've had 13 years experience with Aerostitch products. The first 6 with a Roadcrafter 1 pc. and the last 7 with a Darien. While I never tried the front leg pocket for my billfold, I can verify that the chest pockets leak water in the rain and that was behind the fairing of a BMW R100RS. The zipper did leak in the crotch area also but I think this was due to "puddling" of water on the seat. This same problem aflicts the Darien pants.

For me the Darien has worked better. It's easier to layer underneath it for cold weather riding (below freezing) and I have the electified full liner which doubles as an off bike jacket when on the road. As for really hot weather riding (100+), I've found the Darien jacket combined with soaking your shirt or wet vest underneath works better than fully vented/perforated jackets, especially for longer rides. Depending on your bike, you can flow quite a bit of air through a Darien or Roadcrafter by opening the sleeves and vents. For short rides, a perforated jacket works better.

One of the complaints of Aerostitch gear is it's relative lack of style compared to the Euro's. So, if you are looking for some style, the Spidi might have it over the Aerostitch. However, you'll be hard pressed to beat the Aerostitch's quality and features.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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