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I second the above comment that Spidi leathers are some of the best I've found, right on par with Dainese but not quite as expensive. I have a Spidi Tourex jacket that is a great cool/cold weather textile touring jacket. The armor is very good and the large flaps over the zippers make it quite water proof. I have used it for a few years and couldn't be happier. While it has venting, I wouldn't want to wear it in really hot weather.

One warning about Spidi though: make sure you can try it on before you buy, or at least buy from somewhere with a good return policy. The sizes tend to run small. Also, when you do get the right size it really does "fit" very closely. Because of this some people I've known can't find Spidi stuff that fits them properly. Other people feel like Spidi gear was custom tailored just for them. So, make sure you can try it on before buying.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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