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For me personally I like SPIDI leathers the best, excellent finish and protection with amazing fit (Dainese is a close second but more expansive). As for textile, no personal experience, but the brand is fantastic.

As for the Aerostitch, it was the first and best in the market with no real competition when it started, it is SO popular by now, that it’s really gonna be hard not to get a biased opinion about them.

I think SPIDI (and I also hear Alpinestars have a new cordora suit) will be at least as warm, reliable, comfortable, protective and vented (?) as the Aerostitch plus having the Italian flair for fashion (just kidding).

I use a Frank Thomas Aquaguard jacket for winter riding which I highly recommend, and a basic nylon over-pants over leather pants when it rains, but I realy try to not ride below freezing.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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