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Donate a Kidney Then Compete in Baja 500

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Since both my kidneys are busy filtering beer, I'll have to pass on that rather steep "entry fee".

Rat on Larry.
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Heck, my kidneys have filtered so much beer that I might have to have my mom donate one of her kidneys to me!
It is getting so kidney transplants are pretty routine and the recovery time is very quick. A good friend of mine donated a kidney to his brother. He rejoined our foursome on the golf course in a few weeks. We always walk a very hilly course so when he asked if we minded that he take a cart we gave him a bunch of crap for being a weenie. I'm not sure but I think Baja on a bike might be a bit harder on the kidneys than golf. What a great demonstration of the viability of making a life saving donation.
Isn't beer good for the kidney they have a slogan "Beer it makes my wife look good" the great Al Bundy or maybe it's "Beer it does my body good" he said something like that
I applaud anyone who can compete in the Baja 500, or any of the long distance off road ralleys. I'm beat up by a casual day riding my dirtbike, I just cannot imagine what I would feel like after a 500 mile full tilt run.

More power to him, and nice move on the kidney donation.

I personally am a organ doner, and I have nightmarers about the monty python meaning of life scene.

We're here for your liver

I'm still using it.
They wouldn't want my liver, except to broil and serve with onions.

"I'll have the biker liver with the Steel Reserve sauce".

To go, of course.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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