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Donington Moto GP

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Re: Donnington Moto GP

It's "Donington."
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Re: "No tell Motel GP"

"ended with Rossi sitting on top of Edwards playfully bytch-slapping him"

Later on that night Sete, Val and Colin playfully swapped positions till the wee hours...........
What a boring Sunday. A bicycle race where the winner was proclaimed a week ago, and a motorcycle race where Rossi could have pulled over, enjoyed an "afternoon delight" make-out session with his umbrella girl, and still gotten back on the track in time to punk the rest of the field.

Zzzzzzzzz. How much longer do I have to wait until football season?

P.S. - Congrats Colin. Scoring a "Fastest Rider Not Named Rossi" finish in a MotoGP event is quite a coup. Now go home and clean the secret sauce out of your leathers before it dries.
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Couldn't agree more ebass. Can you believe that Ricky Williams retired after 5 seasons, and just when it seemed his career was back on track? Must be nice to be able to pass up that much coin. If some one would give me that kind of cake to play football I'd show up if I was in a wheel chair. VWW
What about the Formula One Race, The TWO AMA Superbike Races, the AMA Supersport Race, The ALMS Race. Heck if you're just too dense to apreciate the intricacies of a road race, there was even IRL and Nascar oval racing.
Call me a nut, always do but

I tape ever race on Sunday watch it a couple of times. AMA is my favorite, MotoGP isn't bad though. Much better than NASCAR. I do like ALMS cause of the cars and Formula 1 too. Getting a new DVD recorder with hard disk soon to go along with my new HD set. Out with the tapes and bypass Tivo, KPaul wants SpeedTV in HD now.
Re: Call me a nut, always do but

There IS NO Speed Channel in HD!! In fact just count yourself lucky to get all the colors, coz the german gp ended with only about half of them....hmmmm maybe my subscription is running out again.
Guess you must be right SA. I'm just too dense to appreciate the subtle intricacies of Rossi's brilliant effort to avoid sliding out on patches of his own drool as he snored his way to an utterly suspenseless and unchallenged victory.

But hey, maybe you're right. I'm not real good with intracacy appreciation. Heck, I took a class in Abstract Expressionism back in college and I'm STILL trying to figure out why someone would pay $16,000,000 for a Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollock painting that I could replicate in 5 minutes with a paintbrush stuck up my ass while simultaneously reading the newspaper. So yeah, I've got to admit, I'm just sorta dense like that sometimes.

Just forget I said anything and go back to swooning over Shane Byrnes' pretty passes that got him into 13th place or whatever other intricacies I failed to appreciate, OK?


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Re: Call me a nut, always do but

No I saw that. I orginally thought it was my VCR connection (German GP) but then I saw the highlights on Speed News.
Hey Shane Byrnes (former BSB champ) is proof that the AMA superbike series is much better than the BSB despite what my English and Australian cousins say. Go Nicky!
How is Byrne proof that the AMA is better than BSB? (I happen to agree that the AMA series is superior, but what does Shayne Byrne's finishing position on a 2004 Aprilia Cube have to do with BSB vs. AMA?)
True, Edwards was on the Cube last year. But assuming the Cube is better than last year, Byrne hasn't bettered Edward's record of last year.
"Football season"? I can only construe this as a clever bit of Ebass sarcasm. Talk about boring: football !
I don't thing saying the cube is "better" than last year is a safe assumption. It might be as good as last year, but the rest of the field (Proton KR Excluded) has moved ahead.

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