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Don't Ride Naked!

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...and he's a DENTIST! Could it be any more cliche?
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Gives new meaning to the term "wind in her hair".
They left off why the dentist was giving the "lady" a ride. Something about, "You want to look at my cavity, you'd better give me a ride on that there Hawg!".

Was it Mark Twain (ok, Samuel Clemens) who said, "Fiction is much more difficult to write than is Non-fiction: Fiction has to make sense!"?
She must have misunderstood when he said she could ride on his naked streetbike.

It's warm out, probably had to peel 'er off the seat like a suction cup
Maybe she needed a filling.

What, no photos, or video. Geeze this site sucks ;)
...and another thing

No one has ask the important question.

Where was the pipe hidden???
Re: ...and another thing

...and was it like, a bong, or Hookah pipe, or what ?
The only surprise was that the dentist didn't knck her out before strapping her on the bike. That's refreshing.
Re: ...and another thing

... and how did they find it? Does this have anything to do with the "open lewdness" charge? Just how open was it? Open enough for a pipe to fall out?
Re: ...and another thing

I think there was a spelling mistake on one of the charges, it should have read tamponing with evidence. VWW
And new perspective on the feet-forward riding position.
I'll bet there's no chrome left on his mufflers.
Where did she have the pipe at the time of her arrest? These cops do not know how to look for evidence anymore!
Gee, all the good lines are taken - and only 18 posts in. Excellent job, MOrons!
Nah! How 'bout,

"The Dr. stated he thought for a moment there was another Harley behind him, but he determined it was his rider. Seems she had found a way to stand on the passenger footpegs and, turning her hips just so, caused the windblast to generate a motorlike noise from a portion of her anatomy..."
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