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Ducati 999 - Owner Report

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Re: Ducati 999s reliability

Sean hates Ducatis too every time he tests one he totals it.
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Re: Ducati 999s reliability

Please, don't sugar coat, tell us what you really think!

As much as I love Euro bikes, I have to admit that Honda, Kawasaki, etc have been far less trouble to me.

My Brick, while reliable, costs big to keep on the road. And takes spells of engine/rev vibration through the grips and pegs. I'm on my way to the shop tomorrow to seek help with this. There goes the christmas fund!
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

This should help your attempt to sell your ST, Buz.

How many old ladies do you have to fleece to keep it running?
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

Congratulations, you are my hero... I tried unsuccessfully to play this game with Buell... I lost, they won. HD, another marketing sensation. Sincerely, I am impressed with your effort and its outcome (new 999s)... Though I do own two Ducs at the moment, they are two valve models (monster and 750ss)... No problems with either of them, but air-cooled, two-valve bikes are a bit more simpler than a 999/996/998/916/748... But yeah, a 1980 Honda 400t is still more reliable.
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

I just get the local phonebook and look up "Cook" and take my chances from there.
I guess I'm blessed with a bulletproof Duc and a very good local dealer.

You can't really complain about the ergos of the 999 because it's a racebike with lights on it. It was not really designed to be a comfortable streetbike like the VFR.

Here in California we've got the Lemon Law. You might want to check local laws since your bike is so new.
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

Actually he's tested six Ducatis and had one crash. In fact, he's had one testbike crash in his entire time as a journalist. For those in the know, that's a pretty good record.
Yikes! 250km? That's about 150 miles for us non-metric types. That's completely unacceptable for any bike, let alone an expensive one like that. I feel for you, I really do. I know what it's like to be unable to ride due to mechanical issues. I've never lost more than a few days due to waiting for parts so I can't even imagine what it would be like to go for months!! Thank goodness you at least had access to a reliable mount ( would anyone here on MO recommend a VFR? - just kidding). And those stick-on convex mirrors would be an $80 option if offered by the factory.

I see on your website that Ducati finally did the right thing - they are giving you a new 999s. Good luck with it, and let us know how it works out. Hopefully the first one was just an anomoly. As for me, I intend to stick to lusting after bikes from the Big 4. FJR1300, anyone?


Re: Ducati 999s reliability

Just remember I have a cousin in Orange County who is as tenuous as an attorney is as I am fighting untruths about the honorable Senator from Massachusetts on MO... My uncle his dad (retired attorney) lives next to Johnny Carson in Az. You mess with my Dog my cousin puts a lean on your house get the picture.
Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

Ducati is the Harley-Davidson of sportbikes.


The Great Motorcycle Prophet
Part of the Problem?

Why am I not surprised to hear you threatening to solve a personal issue with far-reaching legal action?

When one wonders about the proliferation of frivolous lawsuits in this country, they only need to look at KPail and his threat to have his lawyer cousin put a lien on someone’s house, for the simple crime of messing with his dog.
Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

One man's personal experiences "validate" your statements about a manufacturer's entire global product line? Keep making those leaps, we'll keep laughing as you tumble. -Sean
Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

At least Harley-Davidsons are comfortable !
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

hey relax that was joke.
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

I hope your cousin doesn't lean on my house, especially if he's heavy. It's kind of old I don't want it to get damaged.
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

You're an "engineer" from a family of lawyers, No wonder your sense of proportion and humor were surgicaly removed at birth

Why don't you buy Buzz'zz Ducati, then you could sue him and get some of your familys money back.
Re: Part of the Problem?

For once LPail is right. His campaign to defend "the truth" is pretty tenuous.

KPail.... the gift that keeps on giving.
Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

Boeing is the Harley-Davidson of airplanes.
Re: Another great truth espoused by the great KPaul is validated

Not to worry. His motorcycle prognostications are every bit as reliable a his political ones.
Re: Ducati 999s reliability

Yeah, but I'd rather push a 999 Ducati than ride a CM400T
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