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Ducati 999 - Owner Report

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Re: Ducati 999s reliability

Sean hates Ducatis too every time he tests one he totals it.
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If you allow the validity of an entire Company's product can be summed up in one customer's experience then mine should be just as valid. I have owned Ducatis starting with Bevel drive singles. I have stopped on the side of the road ONCE when I overlaoded the charging capacity of a 750 Sport and ran down the battery.

I am blessed with a excellent dealer who I support so he will always be there. Not everyone has that I realize.

Ducati's are not for everyone. I'm sorry, but more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better in every department. Things like mirrors are almost a litmus test for Italian bike ownership. They look good, what else do you want? If they worked better they probably wouldn't look as good!

This gentleman has apparently had a bad time. I haven't heard Ducati or the dealer's side. I'm sure no one is happy with the situation. If it only took a few months for a manufacturer to exhaust repair possibilities and provide a new machine in a country without specific legal releif that doesn't sound too bad. For better or worse, right or wrong, Europeans do not have the consumer service culture or expectaions that Americans and Japanese do.

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